2nd April 2020

Student Accountability of the LSE Directorate

Proposed by: Hamza Tariq Chaudhry

Seconded by: Matthew Bradbury

What's the issue?

1. We propose termly student-led discussions with the LSE Directorate to hold them to account on student outcomes at LSE.

2. The LSESU Public Debate programme has a proud tradition of holding powerful figures to account both domestically and internationally.

3. In this tradition, we think it is of prime importance to extend our services, experience and capabilities to holding the LSE Directorate to account, a group that is central to the student outcomes on our own campus.

4. We find alternative forums such as the town halls to be insufficient. In contrast, we propose an alternative model of discussion which platforms student caucuses across LSE pertaining to mental health, environmental concerns, sexual assault and much else.

5.Crucially, these discussions will be moderated and organised by students for students, which shall increase the transparency of the discussion and accountability of the Directorate.

What's the solution?

1. Invite different student stakeholders and student caucuses who are interested in a student-led discussion at LSE

2. The event shall include a student-moderated discussion with the LSE Director and an extended Q&A session.

3. After each event, the Public Debates committee will publish a brief about what was discussed and what, if any, commitments were made. These briefs shall serve as documents which ensure transparency in our discussions and accountability for the LSE Directorate.

4. In the interim between the discussions, we shall also organise student polls across the LSE to gauge the students' perception of how well the LSE Directorate has responded to improving student outcomes as put forward in the discussions.

5.This event shall be hosted in a large venue at LSE such as the Sheikh Zayed Theatre or Old Theatre and recorded so that they can be viewed by students across LSE to ensure that no student faces problems with accessing these important discussions.