Leadership Accreditation


The LSESU Leadership Accreditation is an award which recognises students who have developed their skills as part of the LSESU community.

By attending skills sessions, organising new opportunities and ultimately having a significant impact on the student experience at LSE, you could receive an official LSESU skills accreditation and a bespoke award for your commitment.

There are three different streams, and four stages for you to complete in order to receive the LSESU Leadership Accreditation. If you’re not sure which stream is for you, then you can find more information below.

If you’d like any further information, then register your interest and someone from LSESU will be in touch to tell you how you can complete the Leadership Accreditation!


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What are the benefits?

You will attain a skills accreditation to recognise your hard work with LSESU. You will also receive bespoke feedback and recognition from LSESU. You will also receive the opportunity to present to a panel to help improve your interview skills. 

You will also get the support of expert staff in running volunteer projects, conferences and change campaigns to improve the LSE experience. 

What are the streams?

Activities Stream

The skills development programme for club and society committees, as well as general members.

Develop your student group or start a new project funded by sponsorship to gain your accreditation.

Campaigns Stream

The stream for campaigners and activists at LSE. Change the local LSE community and design campaigns on national and global issues.

Representation Steam

Get the most from your position as a SSLC or Halls Committee Representative, leading campaigns to improve the academic experience in your discipline, or lead new projects to provide opportunities for your course mates or fellow residents.

The Accreditation Stages

Stage 1: Train

At this stage, you will attend a number of workshops and support sessions, designed to equip you with a number of different skills.

Stage 2: Plan

At this stage we’ll support you to plan a project, activity or campaign.

You’ll learn how to design a strategy for success, set clear aims and objectives and may need to win funding support for your project.

Stage 3: Deliver

During the implementation phase of your project, we’ll help you troubleshoot, manage others effectively and ultimately be successful in your goals.

Stage 4: Review

Once you’ve finished your project, we’ll ask you to evaluate it to determine its success and impact.

If you’ve already completed stages 1 to 3 of the LSESU Leadership Accreditation, you can submit your evaluation below. 

Note that you can only submit the form once, so we suggest that you draft the document in another program such as word or pages.

Complete Evaluation

The Leadership Accreditation +

Have you completed the Leadership Accreditation? Do you want to push yourself further and achieve the next level of the Accreditation? To achieve the Leadership Accreditation + complete two of the challenges below:


  1. Run in LSESU elections for a full or part time position
  2. Deliver a skills training session
  3. Submit a motion at a UGM
  4. Share your project learning with another student leader
  5. Present your project to a panel
  6. Publish a unique blog post