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A student blowing bubbles at an outdoor event

LSESU Campaigns: Taking Power, Making Change

Friday 25 September 2020
2pm - 3pm


LSE’s community is facing adversity in this challenging time. Did you know that the LSE Nursery, which has existed for over 40 years, is closing down? Or that LSE cleaners have had to sound the alarm over ‘second-class treatment’ and are not entitled to over-time pay? Or that Nigel Farage accused students of ‘eco-facism’?

Join us for our digital roundtable to find out more about what student organisers have done to improve the School for the student body. The Mental Health Collective will discuss how they managed to secure a £40,000 investment in the Counselling Service, and the Black Lives Matter campaign will reveal their plans for the coming term. Claim your free ticket now and join us to out find out how to get the most out of LSE and get involved with SU campaigning.


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