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A student blowing bubbles at an outdoor event

Women's Only Gym

All that we do is to give ladies their force back and show that they are fit for absolutely everything.

Wednesday 20 October 2021
9pm - 10pm
4th Floor Saw Swee Sock

Level Up Fitness wants to give all female students & staff their force back and show that they are fit for absolutely everything. 

We accept that each lady ought to have a space they can venture into their force, feel the certainty and solidarity to seek after any undertaking in their lives, without judgement or intimidation yet celebrated and upheld.

The reasons why YOU should consider Women's Only Gym Hour: 

Suffering from gymtimidation (intimadation)  refers to that plummet in your confidence at the gym, whether that means appearing unfit or not knowing how to use the gym equipment. It takes enough to mentally psych yourself up to go the gym in the first place, nevermind worrying about what other people think.

Being intimidated by big burly men at the gym can put a real spanner in the works when it comes to reaching your fitness goals. At a women’s only gym, there is definitely less of a sense of judgment and less intimidation from your fellow female.

Being part of a women-only gym means there are more equipment and classes catered toward women and the female body. While men generally prefer showing off at the handle free weights and gym machines, women enjoy group fitness classes that use the whole body and the mind.

This means more yoga, pilates, barre, Zumba, and stretching classes, in addition to weight training.

Women's only gym hour  women are generally less noisy and cozier than most co-ed sessions. A lot of co-ed sessions are huge with too many obscure machines, making you feel lost and not knowing where to start.

Women’s Gym hour  is usually smaller, more intimate and offers you a space, helping you achieve your personal fitness in a personal, non-judgemental space.

Let’s be honest — in addition to being a great place to let off some steam and get your body in fantastic shape, a gym is the perfect place to mingle, network, and make new friends. Women's only gym hour is a great platform to meet like-minded, confident, successful women like yourself.

Another positive of a women-only gym hour is their overarching holistic approach to fitness. Being a fit, healthy woman of course not just about working out, but also about nutrition and psychological support.