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A student blowing bubbles at an outdoor event

BPS GIAG - The Future of Behavioural Science w/ Paul Dolan

Join us for an exciting interview about the future of behavioral science. We will also host a short behavioural science quiz, introduce your committee and announce subcommittee positions!

Tuesday 05 October 2021
3:25pm - 4:30pm
Join our society or the free mailing list - we will email you the Zoom link :)

Our first academic event has landed!??

Be sure to join us on Zoom on the 5th of October to hear about all our plans for the year, listen to Prof. Paul Dolan talk about the future of behavioural science & happiness, and finally put your knowledge to the test in our Kahoot quiz (we got prizes )!??

This is our last Give It A Go so be sure to make the most of it!!????

If you want to take part in GIAG, or  you already decided that we are worth the 2 pounds, join us now at: