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A student blowing bubbles at an outdoor event

Climbing Give-It-A-Go

Wednesday 28 September 2022
noon - 4pm
Vauxwall East Climbing Centre

Our first Give-It-A-Go session will take place on Wednesday 28th September from 12:00 onwards at Vauxwall East. Your LSE student id will entitle you to the discount which usually only applies to members of our society: £8.50 for entry, shoes and chalk. 

Committee members will be there to help introduce new climbers to bouldering (climbing short routes without ropes) and meet those of you who are already crushers. So whatever your climbing level we would love to have you join us and try out the physical and mental challenge that is indoor bouldering!

For more information on the day be sure to follow our instagram for updates: @lseclimbers or our facebook: LSE Rock Climbing

Most importantly, DM us on our instagram or facebook to join our Whatsapp group chat where we will be coordinating our meets throughout the year.