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Small Group Training

Small Group Training helps you reach your fitness goals faster than working out on your own. Each session in groups of 3-6 people, allowing each member to receive more personal attention. Come join today!

small group training 

Launching on Week 1 of Michaelmas Term 2021, the LSESU Level Up Team are offering you BRAND NEW Small Group Training sessions lead by our highly qualified team of Gym Supervisors. Please note: You do not need a LSESU Gym membership to join Small Group Training sessions. 

Duration? 45 mins - 1 hour

Location? LSESU Level Up Fitness, Level 4, Saw Swee Hock, WC2A 2AP

Length? 6-week programmes

Capacity? 3-6 participants per session

Cost? £30 for 6 sessions



Legs Bums & Tums
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Title Date & Time Description
Women's Only Weights 12pm, Wednesdays A focus on free weight training exercises that will help participants learn and understand the techniques and manoeuvres of free weight training. The aim is to educate those who do not feel confident with picking up free weights and would love to learn how to. Please note: This SGT is for women only. 
Leaner & Stronger 12pm, Mondays Full body strength training that targets the muscles on the lower half of the body. Participants will feel the benefit of being in a small group that will meet every week and focus on improving their strength and muscle tone.
Rough Rigged & Raw Circuits 12pm, Thursdays Circuit based training which aims to test and improve participants fitness with some fun and tough exercises. With a time-based format, we will be mixing it up with some core, strength, and endurance training. Our Supervisors will make the sessions bubbly and show members that even though it can be tough we can reach amazing goals when we push each other as a team.