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Active Lifestyle

Active Lifestyle is back, bigger and better than ever before! With 25+ fitness classes every day of the week. With a termly pass, you gain unlimited access to all classes from Yoga to Self Defence, CycleFit to Zumba. There is something for everyone!

Where to find us: 

6th Floor Studio, Saw Swee Hock, 1 Sheffield Street, WC2A 2AP

weekly class timetable 21/22 



Our full Active Lifestyle Timetable will begin on Monday 27th September (Week 1). Before we launch our new app, to book Active Lifestyle classes for the w/c 27th, please email


Please see Active Lifestyle Class Pass options below. 

Please note: All members entering the Saw Swee Hock Building (LSESU Gym) must have evidence of a negative COVID test within 4 days. See more information here

Before purchasing any membership, please read and accept our Terms and Conditions

Before attending the Gym, please print and fill out the Physical Activity Readiness Questionairre. If you're unable to print, there will be copies at Gym Reception to fill out. Please Note: You cannot partake in any activity without this form being approved by a Gym Supervisor.  

*WELCOME OFFER* Termly Class Bundle *UNLIMITED* (2021)

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Termly Class Pass *Unlimited Classes* (Michaelmas Term 2021)

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Unlimited Classes for Michaelmas Term 2021 ONLY

1x Class Pass (Michaelmas Term 2021)

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5x Class Bundle (Michaelmas Term 2021)

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10x Class Bundle (Michaelmas Term 2021)

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Meet our amazing instructors!

Grace Clarke

Iesha Lucci

Dance Fitness Coach with a diverse portfolio of classes. Iesha's focus is home workouts using resistance bands and bodyweight. Specialises in lower body to facilitate stronger legs and glutes.

Jason Reed

Alina Ola

Dance teacher,  fitness instructor, contemporary artist, gymnast. Qualified in Advanced Stretching, Street Dance/Hip-Hop, Zumba and HIIT. Alina is a self-motivated and always ready to motivate and support others to achieve goals.

Jason Reed

Nadia Romero

Qualified pilates teacher with 12+ years of experience working in the fitness industry in London. Nadia is also a performing artist and somatic practitioner with a background in dance and physical theatre.

Grace Clarke

oksana hyryak

LSE alumni turned Yoga Professional. Finding the time to achieve a balanced mind, body and spirit can be a challenge in our fast-paced unpredictable life. Oksana uses the power of yoga and mindfulness to help you find that ‘zone’ both physically and mentally for growth and self-improvement.

Jason Reed

STU hatton

Upbeat, high intensity dance. An eclectic range of music originally choreographed by Stu and friends.


Steve Jones

Steve Jones

Martial artist with 40yrs+ experience. Former personal bodyguard to Sly Stallone, Elvis Costello, and Pulp. Steve's classes will teach you the fundamentals of "street" self-defense which will include how to defend yourself mentally and emotionally in various scenarios.


STEFANIA-elena dodita 

Professional dancer and fitness instructor teaching a wide range of classes, from dance and high intensity workouts, to stretching and body strengthening. With 10+ years of experience as a dancer, Stefania is a highly motivated instructor who has been working with people of all ages to help them find their love for exercise.


Tanya WINT

Qualified Exercise to Music instructor and PT, Tanya has experience of teaching in a number of different styles including HIIT, Kettle Bells and TRX suspension training. With a strong belief in exercise providing you with that feel good factor, as much as the physical benefits, you will leave her classes feeling energised and ready for action!

Jia Fu

Jia Fu

Passionate Yogini that trusts the magic of yoga. Jia's classes focus on a holistic approach encompassing movement, breathing, sounding, meditation, and yogic philosophy. Jia believes how we approach a pose on the yoga matt is a metaphor of our approach to life off the matt, that the gift of our repeated yoga practice goes on and on.


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Rise & Shine Yoga
4th October
6th Floor Studio
Rise & Shine morning yoga is designed to wake up the body and mind for the day ahead
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