External Sponsorship is great way to get some extra money for your club or society. You may also be able to secure sponsorship for non-monetary items such as food and drink for social events or tickets to attend conferences and events for your members.

When you are approaching different organisations one of the most important things is to tailor your sponsorship requests to the business you’re applying to – for example, if you wanted to put on a dance show, you could approach dance supply stores to provide costumes.

Below are some steps to think about if you are looking at getting external sponsorship.

The Process

1. Submit Your Contract


Submit your contract below, ensuring the company has signed it

Do not sign it yourself.

Template contract

2. We Review

Your contract will be reviewed by the Head of Activities.

If there are any problems with your contract you will contacted directly from the Head of Activities.

If there are no issues the contract will be signed by the SU on behalf of your group.

3. Payment

Once your contract is signed it will be sent to our finance department to process an invoice.

Once the invoice is created it will be sent directly to your sponsor to pay.

Note : This process can take a while during busy period so please be patient. This process usually takes a few weeks.