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While family life can be one of the most personally rewarding experiences in one’s life, it may come with a unique set of obstacles increasing one’s vulnerability to stress, financial issues and decreased academic performance. There are also multiple challenges to parenting while at the university. The support listed below can help you through these difficulties.


Support at LSE 

Information on accommodation for families and families with children can be found here. Although the LSE Nursery is now closed, the School has partnered with three local Nurseries to provide services for students and staff. If you get married while at LSE, you can request the change of name on university-related documents. More rules can be found here

Support at LSESU 

At the LSESU, we administer a means-tested Childcare Fund which is designed to support students who are unable to afford basic childcare expenses, including the Right to Choose.? 

Support external to LSE 

You can also get help with funding the childcare from the government while you study if you are a UK student. 

Domestic abuse 

One in four women and one in six men suffer domestic abuse at some time in their lives. If your partner hurts you, belittles you, scares you or in any way limits your freedoms, this is domestic abuse and you do not have to put up with it. Domestic abuse is usually reported as being men hurting women, but men can be victims too.  

Support at LSE 

If you live in the LSE Halls, you can contact wardens, members of Pastoral Support Team or Peer Supporters living in halls.  You can also report incidents of bullying and harassment at If you have experienced sexual harassment or violence as a student, and would like to be seen within 24 hours (during the week), you can book a priority counselling appointment. If the issue relates specifically to sexual violence you can book an appointment with trained Sexual Violence Support worker.  

Support at LSESU 

The LSESU Advice Service can signpost you to other services, they are not however trained counsellors that can aid you directly in the case of emergency connected to domestic violence.  

Support external to LSE 

If you have experienced abuse, there are services that focus on helping women (like National Domestic Abuse helplineWomen's AidHestia), as well as men (Survivors UKSupportlineManKind Initiative). 

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