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A graphic showing 'The Assessments Regulation Project'. Lets make LSEs regulations fairer for YOU!

Assessment Regulations Review


We are conducting a review of LSE's current assessment regulations and creating a set of recommended changes, which we will then lobby for LSE to implement. The current regulations create a negative experience for many, exacerbating inequalities and poor mental health in the student community. Our goal is to make LSE's assessment regulations fairer and more empathetic towards students. We have identified seven academic regulations which require reviewing: 

  1. Exceptional Circumstances 
  2. Fit to Sit
  3. Appeals
  4. Academic Misconduct
  5. Extensions 
  6. Late Submissions
  7. Evidence Requirements

This review will be heavily led by student feedback, we are asking current and former students to contribute their experiences and opinions on the current LSE academic regulations via a survey and case studies - this will influence our recommendations. 


  • Undertake a review of LSE's assessment regulations
  • Create a report with recommendations
  • Lobby LSE to commit to reforming the assessment regulations in line with our recommendations


Lead Organiser 1: Bali Birch-Lee

Lead Organiser 2: Laura Goddard

Lead Organiser 3: Morgan Fairless


Case Studies

We are currently looking for case studies to support our review. We believe that it will allow us to present a much stronger case for LSE to take action if we are able to evidence the human impact of these regulations. If you feel as though the regulations have negatively impacted your experience at LSE, or did not function in the way you had anticipated and would like to contribute a case study for any of the 7 areas, please email "Case Study" to All comments will be held confidentially and can be anonymised.

Please note, we cannot utilise case studies as a means of seeking resolution on ongoing issues. If you need support with a specific ongoing issue, we recommend speaking to our Advice Team (see 'Get Support' below).


If you are a current student who would like to speak to someone about any of these regulations in relation to your current assessments or studies, our Advice Team can offer free, impartial and confidential advice and support. The best way to contact them is via:

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