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Students smiling and carrying a 'consent education now' banner at a protest



In July, the SU was informed that the Nursery’s future was at stake. Within a month, LSE had made the decision to bring forward the closure of the Nursery to September without formal consultation. This has forced student parents to find alternative provision for their children at incredibly short notice. 

The School claims that due to the ongoing pandemic, they are unable to invest in a new space for the Nursery. The SU believes that this is a pretext to cut down its general childcare commitments long-term, which LSE has tried to do several times previously. The most recent attempt was in 2015, but was staved off by a previous SU campaign. It is our view that the School’s actions speak volumes about LSE’s attitudes to childcare and gender inequality in the workplace. 

Laura Goddard, the SU Community and Welfare Officer said:

“LSE’s decision to close its Nursery after nearly fifty years of operation is a disastrous move that will hit women and student parents the hardest. It is a cost-saving exercise, made during the height of a pandemic. As a community we must act to reverse this decision and reinstate accessible, affordable childcare on campus.”


  • LSE must provide a new, on-campus Nursery for students and staff by Summer 2021

  • LSE must reinstate the Nursery discount of 50% for students  

  • LSE must secure emergency childcare provision for the 20/21 academic year

  • LSE must invest into making its campus more child and parent friendly


The Students' Union carried out its own consultation to ensure that the School's decision-making was evidence-based and could be compared to our own findings. The report is available on the website.The main findings were:

  • The Students’ Union’s campaign, #SaveOurNursery, has received broad support from across the LSE community. Five hundred students, staff, and alumni have signed the Students’ Union’s petition calling for the LSE to: re-open its on campus Nursery, provide reduced rates for students, provide emergency childcare for students in the run-up to the reopening of a nursery, and for the LSE to make its campus a more child-friendly space.
  • The campaign to re-open an LSE-run, on-campus Nursery has also received the backing of LSE’s staff networks, and the Gender Equality Forum has contributed to this report via a letter of support.
  • This report provides information about the opinions of the LSE community regarding the closure of the nursery and the impact this decision has had on individuals across the School.
  • It also provides analysis of the results of our survey which was completed by prospective and former staff and student users of an LSE on-campus Nursery, and a look at childcare provision at similar institutions.
  • It is the view of the Students’ Union that all of this information clearly lends itself to the decision to reopen an on-campus Nursery at LSE for student, staff, and external parents as soon as possible.



2015 Campaign

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2 November, 2015
Nursery World - Student parents campaign for university nursery renovation
13 November, 2015
2020 Campaign

Nursery World - LSE students campaign to save on-site nursery from axe

23 October, 2020


Show your support for the #SaveOurNursery campaign by signing the petition here.

Email - Laura Goddard, SU Community and Welfare Officer

CLOSED: Fill in the LSESU Nursery survey if you are a parent or carer who has used the nursery before, or are intending to do so in the future.