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Forgotten Students

The Forgotten Students campaign, led by Bali (your Education Officer) and Laura (your Community and Welfare Officer), believes students should be compensated for the impact the pandemic has had on their educational experience.






This fee strike would entail withholding payment that is due for the 3rd payment deadline (28 April). The amount of time you choose to withhold payment is decided by you, and we advise that you make this decision based on your circumstances and risk appetite.  

A fee strike is a campaigning technique that tends to be seen as a form of escalation rather than an initial approach. Whilst the decision to strike must be made by the individual, below are some reasons why a student may choose to do so:

  • To make a statement that the School will almost certainly notice
  • To make a point about not receiving what they have paid for
  • To put the School in a financially precarious situation, therefore forcing it to engage with the campaign asks
  • To act in solidarity with those who are unable to afford their fees
  • To draw attention and use as a bargaining chip to a set of demands.

Bali, the Education Officer, has drawn up a set of asks in the form of a compensation package. Among these is that the School will join the SU in lobbying the government for a 30% reduction in tuition fees this year for all students.


Joining the tuition fee strike means withholding your 3rd payment on 28th April. LSESU is collecting the number of students who are striking so that we can accurately inform the School’s Senior Management Committee, and use it as a bargaining chip to secure compensation for students. If you’d like, you can add your email address so that you can be put in touch with other fee strikers so that you have a community to reach out to. 

To sign up to the fee strike, join the information session on 1 April to learn more, and once you have attended this please fill out the form to notify us of your intention to strike.

After 28 April, LSESU will organise regular meetings for strikers so that you can stay informed of our efforts to secure compensation and a tuition fee reduction.

If you receive reminders from the School about your missed payment, you can use our template letter to notify the School that you are striking.  


To help you inform your choice, we thought it would be a good idea to let you know what some of the potential consequences of taking part in a tuition fee strike could be. The full school policy on action that can be taken on students who have a debt to the school can be found in the Credit Management Policy here. The table below sets out the specific actions but the key highlights are:

  • You will not be permitted to see your results or formally graduate.
  • Any Certificates, Transcripts, Awards or references will be withheld.
  • LSE is entitled to pursue legal action to recover the fees (we are not saying that they will or won't do this). If they do so, this may have serious consequences on your credit history and visa status.
  • You cannot re-enrol at LSE with a debt, i.e. if you are an UG who wants to undertake a Masters or Masters student wanting to take a PhD you will not be able to start the new course.
  • Continuing students will not be told their grades. You will be informed if you have passed or fail a course and if you can progress into the next year, but you will not be able to find out your marks.

If you are unsure about how this information relates to your specific situation, please get in touch with our Advice Team and one of our advisers will be able to speak with you further.

Forgotten Students Compensation Package:


  • One-third reduction in course fees. This would bring this year’s fees roughly in line with LSE’s online course offering.


  • LSE should publicly fight for more funding for Universities from the Government to ensure that students and staff do not take on the burden of the pandemic.


  • Meet the demands of LSE Rent Strike.
  • Offer all residents to extent their contracts for free for 4 weeks over the Summer  (similar to the offer given by Unite)

LSE Online Access:

  • LSE email expires 1-year post-graduation.
  • Access to Moodle for reading lists and recorded lectures for courses.
  • Cross division discussion for other forms of extended access.

Summer at LSE:

  • If allowed, have a set of in-person events at LSE over the summer, incl. networking and careers, sports, departmental meets, short-course of lectures/classes.


  • Forgotten Students have been in negotiation with senior members of staff asking for in-person graduations. More details coming soon.


If you do not wish to strike, there are still ways you can remain involved in the Forgotten Students campaign. Below are some suggestions:

  • Submit a complaint to LSE. Our Advice Service can provide free advice on strengthening your case
  • Share the Forgotten Students campaign on social media
  • Share your story via our google form

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