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Potential Consequences of a Rent Strike

If you are planning to go on a rent strike, you may be wondering what the potential risks are. Below are some things to consider when making a choice. This information is valid for all housing contracts, including LSE Halls of Residence, private Student Halls or private landlords. 

  • If you have entered into a contract with a landlord then you are liable for rent until the end date (you may be able to bring the end date forward if you have a break clause in your contract). Withholding rent payment is likely to be in breach of your contract, which is a legal document, and so it is important to be aware of the potential consequences.
  • A landlord can evict you on the grounds of rent arrears however there are steps they must take before doing so. These steps will depend on the type of contract you have. If you receive any kind of communication from your landlord about eviction then seek advice as it may not be clear where they are up to in the process. Currently there is a governmental eviction ban due to Covid which is in place until 31st May 2021. You can find out more here.
  • Most private rented sector contracts are assured shorthold tenancies however some (particularly those with University accommodation providers) are Licence agreements. You can find out more about different types of contracts here. While there are slight differences in the types of contract, the basic duty to pay rent remains the same.
  • A landlord’s last resort is getting a court order to evict you and recover the rent, these are formal legal proceedings. 
  • Having a court order against you for withholding rent could impact your ability to renew your visa, as well as your ability to rent in future (as most landlords require references). It could also have longer lasting financial implications given your landlord may request a county court judgement against you (if granted, this will appear on your credit history). Some employers, such as the financial sector or civil service, will check your credit history. 
  • The National Union of Students has put together a guide on rent strikes, which includes some practical and legal information. You can find this here.
  • If you are in halls of residence, we would recommend contacting your individual rent strike teams to find out more information about the particular stance which is being taken by your provider.

If you are unclear about the implications of a rent strike on your specific situation, we would suggest contacting our Advice Service who can give you further information.

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