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The Saw Swee Hock building, home of LSESU

Student Stories

Your voice, your stories.

"I have asthma, which has meant that I have been especially sheltered over the past year. This has meant that i have completely lost the work-life balance that got me through first year. While i have been in touch with friends, and my department has put on social events to hang out with coursemates, i have barely met any new people, and have still been feeling unmotivated and distant from a day's work all on a laptop, and i feel like exam / summative marking should reflect this. I was made redundant in december, so i have also been struggling financially, in terms of paying for rent and necessities. I wish LSE would help those in private accommodation to get out of contracts, and for those sheltering to get food and supplies."

"I have not gotten the chance to collaborate with other classmates and professors in-person at all, which is a large part of what we are paying for when enrolling in university classes. In addition, what makes university experience valuable is also the opportunity to to build connections, interact, and collaborate on exciting projects with the stellar faculty and student body. COVID has essentially taken away all of this for 2 out of 3 years of my entire undergraduate experience. For these 2 years, my experience has not been much different from that of someone taking an online course on Coursera?"

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