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Michelle Soh, Raising and Giving President

Raising and Giving

Your RAG Officer is responsible for leading on and delivering RAG Week, among other events, and supporting students with fundraising.
Michelle Soh, Raising and Giving President

James Relf (he/him)

rAising and giving President

Get to know JAMES

What I Study

2nd Year BSc Mathematics and Economics.


Attending University is one thing, participating in it is another. More often than not LSE students are so focused on the bright and glitzy prospects that sit outside of LSE that they neglect the wealth of opportunities that exist within it. The skills you can acquire from LSE can extend beyond just how to write a First-Class essay or solve a question in MA103; you can enrich yourself with immeasurable skills, bring about wider change in our community, alongside connecting with LSE students (many of whom will be the future leaders of tomorrow). Being a Part-Time Officer is fantastic opportunity to immerse yourself in the LSE community. For someone who loves raising funds and awareness for charitable causes, as well as giving support to communities and campaigns, applying to be President of Raising and Giving makes a lot of sense. I am therefore thrilled to have been elected into this role and am very much looking forward to the year ahead!

What I’m looking to achieve this year

The main pledges from my manifesto are: 

  1. Rip-Up-The-RAG: The rebranding of LSESU Raising and Giving (RAG). New logo, new goals, new brand, new RAG. This will be the first rebrand of RAG since 2014 and is really about creating some noise about RAG as the Charity and Fundraising arm of the LSE Students’ Union. 
  2. The RAG-TAG: LSE’s first permanent Charity Vintage Shop. This is a huge initiative in collaboration with multiple of societies and stakeholders at LSE. Following a successful consultation with LSE Estates and LSE Students’ Union, we are set to materialise this project on Portugal Street in 2023. 
  3. The First LSE-Wide Fashion Show: In collaboration with the Athletics Union at LSE, we are set to light up the catwalk for Sport Clubs and Societies in this flagship fundraising event.  
  4. LSEurovision 2023: As the UK prepares to host Eurovision this year, we will be preparing to welcome all National and Cultural Societies at LSE to take part in a karaoke-style contest where they will sing a song that represents their country to a panel of judges. 

Beyond my manifesto pledges, I understand that the cost-of-living crisis may have an impact on fundraising attainment this year and as a result I am hoping to focus RAG’s attention on nurturing a legacy of charity and community at LSE.

End of Term reports

James' End of Term report will be found here.

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