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Students attending a Union General Meeting in a lecture theatre

Passed UGM Motions

As a Students' Union, our actions are led by students. That means you direct our work year on year.

About motions

One way of making change at LSE is by sending a motion to a Union General Meeting (UGM), where all students can vote on whether your motion should be something the Students' Union works on for the next three years. Anything that's passed at a UGM (as long as there’s no resource or legal implications) becomes a Union policy, which means it is something the organisation should be actively working on.

Below is a list of our current policies. Why not come along to our Union General Meeting to ask your officers about our progress on them?

Policy from 2019/20

Since this motion passed, the SU has taken action with the following results:

  • Met with academics to create a thorough proposal for implementation of this motion
  • Presented a list of recommendations for LSE to change, centring around the need for an ISVA and for a reporting student to only disclose once.
  • Joanne Hay, Deputy COO, responded with a written response committing to a working group and took on board a few of the points raised.
  • The SU is working on a response to the Office for Students consultation on proposed regulation on this issue.
  • Will continue to work on implementing the motion through meetings with relevant departments and staff members.

Since this motion passed, the SU has taken action with the following results:

  • Committed to publicising the strategy consultation that the Sustainability Division is working on.
  • Supplied a student note-taker at the consultation workshop to ensure that the Climate Emergency Campaign’s views are adequately reflected
  • Asked for student membership/observer status for Climate Emergency Campaign members at School Management Committee & the Sustainability Advisory Group where a draft of the strategy will be discussed, both of which were deemed ‘not appropriate’. The Students’ Union Ethics and Environmental Officer will attend the Sustainability Advisory Group.
  • The sabbatical officers released a statement of support on the website
  • Set up contact between the campaign and a Professor of Political Economy who has an idea of a practical plan for prioritising climate change across courses in Economics courses
  • Supported the Youth Climate Strikes by photographing the demo and releasing the pictures to the campaign for social media
  • Investigated LSESU affiliations with fossil fuel and armament companies.

Since this motion passed, the SU has taken action with the following results:

  • Met with LSE Sustainability Team and decided to collaborate on
    • calculating the carbon reduction of replacing beef with tasty alternatives
    • developing an information campaign about said carbon impact and other arguments against beef
    • to allow the results of the Sustainability Division Strategy Consultation to inform how plant-based food will be introduced
  • The proposer is in touch with Catering to discuss sustainable options
  • Met internally to discuss the impact of introducing plant-based food in LSESU catering, and to work to write a document with information for the Trustee Board meeting in June.
  • Raised the motion at a LSE/LSESU Liaison meeting (chaired by Dilly Fung, Pro Director Education)
  • Made contact with Louise Nadal, School Secretary, about the next steps for reviewing the School's drug policy and requesting funding for drug testing kits
  • Awaiting a response from the school's legal team

Policy from 2018/19

Should LSESU begin an initiative to provide free menstrual products for students in the Saw Swee Hock building?

Should LSESU have a new approach to a transparent student democracy?

Should LSE hold a Summer Ball?

Policy from 2017/18

Should LSESU remove Aung San Suu Kyi's honorary Presidency from the LSESU?

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