Wellbeing Festival LSExLSESU

Wellbeing Festival is here to celebrate your physical and mental health. The week is packed with activities for you to learn to get your life together (and if it’s together, relax a bit).

There will be a chance to acquire tools and techniques to look after your mental and physical wellbeing. Grab a coffee and a chat, or meet dogs and hedgehogs. Pick up a new hobby with taster sessions on leather craft, painting, or rooftop gardening. Get your mind off your studies with some yoga, running or a walk in the English countryside.

Looking ahead to life after university? Get some insights on surviving in start-ups, or join LSE LIFE's sessions on financial management and planning your time.

Wellbeing Festival is the perfect chance to take some time out to look at what works for you and what doesn’t. Let us help you to do well and be well.


Calendar of Events

Monday 17 Feb

Tuesday 18 Feb

Wednesday 19 Feb

Thursday 20 Feb

Friday 21 Feb

Saturday 22 Feb

— One-off volunteering: Knitting for Battersea (Wellbeing Festival Special)/ 12pm to 2pm

HR: Fruit Stall / 12pm to 1pm 

HR: Leather Craft / 1pm to 2pm 

— Mind*GS: ‘Mentally Healthy Students: Preparing you to manage mental health and wellbeing at work / 1.30pm to 4.30pm’ 

Tea & Talking / 2pm to 4pm

— Surviving in Start-Ups / 6pm to 8pm


Tea & Talking: Postgrads and friends / 10am to 12pm

Body Balance / 12.15pm to 1pm

Rooftop gardening / 1pm to 2pm

LSE Life: Plan a week: master time management/ 2pm to 3pm

Indian Dance Class / 7pm to 8pm



Yoga for Wellbeing Festival / 10am to 11am

Dr Bike Session / 10am to 2pm

— Downtime with Dogs / 12pm to 2pm

— Wind Down Wednesday: Meet the Hedgehogs! -- CANCELLED / 2.30pm to 4pm

Indian Dance Class / 6pm to 7pm

— Mind*GS: ‘Mentally Healthy Students: Preparing you to manage mental health and wellbeing at work / 9am to 12pm ’ 

Postgrads Paint with Bob Ross / 2pm to 3pm

Careers: Design your own Paths to meaningful work / 4pm to 6pm

— LSE Life: Financial Wellbeing / 11am to 12pm

—Tea & Talking / 2pm to 4pm

— LSE Life: Southwark Park Run / 10am to 11am

— LSE Life: Sevenoaks Circular Walk / 10am to 12pm