Teaching Excellence Awards 


This week sees the launch of the Student-led Teaching Excellence Awards 2017! Nominations are now closed


Interested in attending the awards? Email Academic Representation Manager at F.Quinn@lse.ac.uk for more information.





LSESU Teaching Excellence Awards Categories


The nominee...

  • Understands the pressures that LSE students face at University
  • Is knowledgeable about the support services and welfare provisions that they can signpost you to
  • Cares about your personal wellbeing
  • Offers appropriate and valuable support
  • Provides a consistent point of contact for you throughout your time at LSE

The nominee...

  • Helps you to utilise skills you learn in your degree to reach your full potential
  • Adds value to your prospects by extending and developing your skillset
  • Encourages you to excel professionally
  • Adds value to your LSE experience

The nominee...

  • Facilitates engaging debates and dialogue
  • Demonstrates broad knowledge and variety in course materials
  • Takes the time to make sure you understand
  • Has a positive and encouraging approach to teaching and learning

The nominee...

  • Provides constructive and relevant feedback in a timely manner
  • Provides comment to help you build on previous success and to make future improvements
  • Is approachable and responsive to students
  • Uses innovative methods in communicating and delivering feedback


The nominee...

  • Considers you to be their intellectual equal
  • Is personally invested in the success and outcomes of your research
  • Acknowledges the value that you bring to the LSE academic community
  • Equips you with the skills and knowledge you need to successfully carry out your work
  • Shares networks and academic opportunities with you where appropriate

The nominee...

  • Is willing to go beyond the traditional model and methods of teaching delivery
  • Provides different and exciting perspectives on the curriculum or subject
  • Seamlessly incorporates technology into their teaching practices
  • Brings cutting edge research to their teaching

The nominee...

  • Is charismatic and personable
  • Has an amazingly comprehensive knowledge of their subject area
  • Challenges existing theories and offers new perspectives
  • Drives you to further your knowledge and understanding of their subject area
  • Encourages you to apply the principles of the subject area within the wider world




Provided the person you nominate is an employed staff member at the LSE, you can nominate them!

In the past lecturers, PhD Supervisors, Halls Wardens and Graduate Teaching Assistants have all won. If you think they are great then nominate them!

Absolutely – As long as they meet the criteria of the category specified, you can nominate them in as many as you like.

You can submit as many nominations as you like. If you’ve had multiple excellent teachers and supporters then please feel free to nominate all of them for awards.


Each new nominee will require a new submission form to be completed.

Not true! Some of our previous winners have had just one very strong nomination but it can’t hurt to have more. We have devised a selection method that primarily focuses on the quality of nominations and how well the nominee hits the award criteria.

Although it’s fantastic to win an award, not everyone can. We are fully committed to providing all nominees with your anonymous comments and recognition. Just one nomination from you can make someone’s teaching year worthwhile.

An award for the department that students feel has listened to their concerns and provided them with a brilliant experience.


Nominees do not have to hit all the criteria. Try to use examples to describe your nominee.



If you have any questions about the awards or the process please contact su.education@lse.ac.uk or Academic Representation Manager, Frankie Quinn at f.quinn@lse.ac.uk