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  • Tue 27 Jan 2015 13:36

    An emergency motion has been added to the UGM this Thursday (29th January): Should LSESU Oppose the Counter-Terrorism and Security Bill (CTSB)?

    This will be discussed in addition to the following motion: Should LSESU Say No To Violence in Solidarity with Charlie Hebdo?


    Proposers collected 350 signatures in favour of the motion to ensure that it can be added under the terms of an Emergency Union General Meeting. The UGM will take place from 1 - 2 pm in the Old Theatre, Old Building.

    Read on for a full outline of the motion, plus details on the proposer and seconder.

    Proposer: Tooba Mushtaq

    Seconded: Nona Buckley-Irvine

    This union notes:

    • On 26 November 2014, the Home Secretary Theresa May introduced the Counter-Terrorism and Security Bill (CTSB) to Parliament highlighting some revised and new counter-terrorism powers that would be placed on a statutory basis.
    • That CTSB seeks to make the controversial PREVENT and CHANNEL strategies statutory.
    • That academics and campaigners fear the CTSB will criminalise ideas and create a culture where students are unwilling to speak out.
    • The National Union of Students have condemned the Counter terrorism and Security Bill and described the PREVENT strategy and CHANNEL policies as “further developing a culture of suspicion and surveillance on campuses, whilst also potentially conflicting with institutions’ duties to promote freedom of speech, by making them overly risk-averse and unwilling to engage in important topics of discussion.”
    • That Universities UK have expressed concerns about academic freedom in their parliamentary briefing on the counter terrorism and security bill.
    • That the PREVENT strategy guidance in 2011 stated that university staff, lecturers and chaplains should report to the police any Muslim students who are isolated or depressed.
    • The Prevent strategy currently exists and operates on most university campuses.
    • That Islamophobia has been on the rise in the UK and mainland Europe over the last decade.
    • That a vote on whether to make the counter-terrorism policy known as the Prevent strategy into legislation bill on the 29th January.
    • That according to the current Prevent Strategy, potential indicators of “radicalism” or “extremism” include:
      -“A need for identity, meaning and belonging.”
      “A desire for political or moral change.”
      “Relevant mental health issues.”
    • That through the PREVENT strategy, universities will be legally responsible for the ideologies of their students.
    • That the Prevent Strategy has been widely criticised for demonising Muslim students on campus by various Human Rights groups such as Liberty.
    • That on university campuses PREVENT strategy enables the possibility of a No Platform policy being extended to any member deemed “radical” or “extreme” by the university, with no consultation.

    This union believes:

    • That students are not suspects.
    • That students should be offered help and not victimised for suffering from mental health issues.
    • That rushed laws are often ill thought out and poorly scrutinised.
    • That any expectation by the state for academic staff to be involved in monitoring their students is deeply worrying, and could have a chilling effect on relations between staff and students.  
    • That the CTSB could serve to isolate many students who already feel that the only avenue through which the Government will engage them is ‘anti-radicalisation’ initiatives, resulting in further alienation and disaffection.
    • The Counter Terrorism and Security Bill discourages the free expression and analysis of ideas.
    • Academics, as well as anyone in a public sector job, should not have to be part of this surveillance.
    • The implementation of the Prevent strategy on campus will not only isolate Muslim students but undermine the civil liberties of other groups such as environmental, political and humanitarian activists.
    • The monitoring and exclusion of ideas from public debate opposes the basic function of universities; introducing students to a variety of opinions and encouraging them to analyse and debate them.
    • The policy significantly undermines the freedom and activities of university staff and students. 
    • Our public services (i.e. hospitals, schools, universities, prison services) should exist to serve the general public and not be used against the very people it exists to serve.

    This union resolves:

    • That LSESU support an enquiry into the legality of the proposals under the Equality Act 2010 and the Education Act No. 2 1986.
    • That LSESU should issue a public statement condemning the Prevent strategy and the government’s counter terrorism and security bill.
    • For LSESU to work with campus trade unions on combatting the Prevent strategy and lobby them to condemn the Counter terrorism and Security bill.
    • To mandate the Student officers to lobby the university to be more open and transparent about how they are engaging with PREVENT, CHANNEL and other similar initiatives. This involves:
      - Demand publications of how the policy is operating within the College and Student’s Union.
      - This includes access to materials used to train staff and students.
      - Hold consultations with the student body regarding how this affects students.
    • That LSESU and the student officers will not engage with the Prevent strategy and cut any links it indirectly has with the programme via the university.
    • That LSESU will educate students on the dangers of the counter terrorism and security bill and the Prevent Strategy.
    • That the LSESU NUS delegation should support the motion condemning the Counter terrorism and security bill at the NUS National conference 2015.

    Further reading:



    To submit a motion, or to speak for or against these motions, please email su.democracy@lse.ac.uk

    Voting on this motion will take place online at www.lsesu.com/vote from 2pm on Thursday until 5pm on Friday.

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  • Tue 27 Jan 2015 10:00

    Have you heard?

    It’s the good news many of you have been waiting for: We’ve installed two new microwaves on campus! Time to celebrate!


    Hurry to your kitchen to prepare these healthy, cheap recipes - then head to the Quad in the East Building, heat up, and enjoy!


    1. Microwave Pizza

    What’s the first food that comes to your mind when you think about uni students? Pizza, of course. Ditch the crappy frozen pizza and find some time this weekend to become a master pizza chef with this simple margherita pizza recipe. Double the recipe and make two pizzas that you can bring to school for lunch. Seriously, you’re guaranteed to have the best week ever if you do that.


    2. Healthy pasta

    The second most common food I usually see while queuing around the microwaves is definitely pasta. Basically, it’s hard to mess up and there are so many ways to personalize it to your preferences. Make a big batch of one of these healthy pasta recipes and pop it in some tupperware to bring to heat up on campus. Pump up the recipe with your choice of protein to hold you over for longer.


    3. Homemade soup

    There is basically no better food to eat on a gloomy winter day than some amazing homemade soup. This website has an awesome database of quick and easy student-friendly soup recipes to whip up. Bring some in to heat up and accompany with a small sandwich or salad for a great balanced meal.


    4. Chicken risotto

    Risotto is such a yummy meal and it can be so easy to make once you get the hang of it. Try out this chicken risotto recipe and add in loads of your favourite veggies. You will definitely turn some heads if you bring this in to microwave.


    5. Veggie curry

    Lastly, one other food that I love to bring in to heat up is a lovely veggie curry. Give this easy recipe a go and be the envy of everyone around you as the aromas spread across the room. When cooking a big pot of curry, make enough rice as well to serve with it.


    - Susannah Faulkner

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  • Mon 26 Jan 2015 15:00

    'Bedlam of Harmony' by student Daniel Salvetti - last year's winner of the LSE Photo Prize. Submit your photos asap for this year's competition at bit.ly/lsephotoprize!