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  • Thu 30 Oct 2014 22:54

    Want to know who was chosen to help lead YOUR Students’ Union over the next year? Here are all the results from tonight’s incredible Michaelmas Term Election:

    Postgraduate Students’ Officer:


    Mahamid Ahmed is your newly elected Postgraduate Students’ Officer with 418 votes. This year’s race for Postgraduate Students’ Officer was a tough competition - every one of your votes counted! The Postgraduate Students’ Officer represents all LSE postgraduates in the Students’ Union and the School. He will campaign and work with the School on the issues affecting postgraduate students, plan events and projects for postgraduates, and is an active member of the Student Executive Committee.

    Postgraduate Research Students’ Officer:


    Salma Raheeem was elected to represent all research students at LSESU and the School. She will work to improve academic and social development for postgraduate research students.

    Postgraduate Student Trustee:


    Scott Gammon was elected your Postgraduate Student Trustee member. The Postgraduate Student Trustee represents the views of all students at the Trustee Board, which assumes ultimate legal and financial responsibility for LSESU and oversees its strategy and governance. He will help ensure that everything the Students’ Union does is for the benefit of its members – LSE students.

    BME (Black and Minority Ethnic) Students’ Officer:


    Samiha Begum is your BME Students’ Officer - a brand new position for Michaelmas Term 2014. The BME Students’ Officer represents members and campaigns on issues that relate to BME liberation. She will work to promote equality and inclusiveness within the Students’ Union, LSE and other levels.

    Mature and Part-time Students’ Officer:


    Laura Mertsching was re-elected to be your Mature and Part-time Students’ Officer. Laura will represent mature and part-time students at LSE and is an active member of Student Executive Committee.

    Academic Board:



    James Wurr and Tooba Mushtaq are your Academic Board student members. The Academic Board is the highest academic committee in the School, and is the most important body with regards to your course and teaching, learning and academic standards. The committee is chaired by the School’s Director, Craig Calhoun, and, in theory, all permanent academic staff can attend and vote – it is the UGM of academia! It’s this committee that decides things like class sizes, admissions criteria and scholarships. Elected student members of the Academic Board are responsible for representing students’ views, raising concerns from across departments with the Board, and work with the School on the academic issues students care the most about.

    Court of Governors:






    Tom Glen Harry was elected with the most votes to the Court of Governors, along with Kabu Senapitak, Katie Budd, Mahatir Pasha and Megan Tretheway. The Court of Governors is where Governors of the School meet and discuss key strategic matters and policy areas, such as widening participation, the student experience and quality of research. These elected students represent the views of other LSE students at the Court.

    NUS Delegates:



    Emily Haimeed and Jon Foster are your new NUS Delegates for 2014-15. NUS Delegates represent the views of all LSE students at the NUS National Conference in April. They are responsible for raising issues and motions at the conference and for feeding back to students what happened.

    General Course President:


    Lisa Han is your General Course President. She will be the lead representative for General Course students at LSESU and the School. He/she organises events and activities to help General Course students feel more involved at LSE.


  • Wed 29 Oct 2014 10:05

    Voting in the LSESU Michaelmas Term Elections is officially OPEN! 

    You can vote online at - just log in with your School username and password. A full list of candidates and their manifestos can be found on the LSESU website

    Make sure you join us tomorrow night (Thursday 30th October) when we’ll be hosting one of the biggest and most anticipated nights in the LSESU calendar - Elections Results Night.

    Join us from 8pm in the LSESU Venue, Saw Swee Hock Student Centre as we announce live who will help lead YOUR Students’ Union and represent YOU in the next academic year. Positions up for election include the Postgraduate Students’ Officer, Postgraduate Research Students’ Officer, Academic Board, Court of Governors and more…

    If you’re still undecided on who to back for Postgraduate Students’ Officer, head to to watch last week’s Hustings with the candidates.

    Remember voting closes at 7pm on Thursday 30th October. It only takes two minutes to have your say on who will represent YOU and your views within the Students’ Union and the School in 2014-15.

    Also, don’t forget only Research Students can vote for the Postgraduate Research Students’ Officer, General Course students for the General Course President, and students who self-identify as BME for the BME Students’ Officer.


  • Wed 29 Oct 2014 09:21

    This year marks a big week for democracy here at the LSE – it’s Michaelmas Term election time!

    Read on for student blogger Susannah’s views on why voting is so important in this SU election, as well as the upcoming UK General Elections just around the corner in May.


    Call me a political optimist, but I really do believe that each and everyone one of us 9,218 students at the LSE should be voting in the SU elections this week.

    The SU is our democratic organisation and the responsibility falls on each of us to elect representative leaders. From Postgraduate Students’ Officer to Student Member of the Academic Board, these eleven positions up for grabs absolutely matter for our immediate future this school year as well as to the future of the LSE.

    Barely four weeks into the term, and we’ve had quite a turbulent time here regarding student life. Now more than ever it is important to actually take the time out of your massive pile of readings and busy social life to read each candidates’ manifesto and make an informed decision.

    Voting opens at 10am on Wednesday the 29thonline and don’t miss an opportunity to make your voice heard. So what are you going to do – be a part of the active 38% of the student body that votes in our SU elections or join the apathetic and disenchanted majority?

    Now don’t get me wrong, we generally perform better in SU elections comparatively – on average 26% higher than most other universities. But don’t you agree that we could do better?

    It seems like every year we hear more and more in the media about how dramatically disenchanted people, and especially us youths, are becoming about politics. We see big personalities like Russell Brand parading around the news making grand displays about never voting.

    For someone like me who is such an adamant supporter of getting out the vote, this trend is completely terrifying.It glorifies the nearly 40% of the eligible UK voter population that chooses to never vote, as well as the even more stark 44% of British 16-24 year olds who say they have absolutely no interest in politics. As LSE students, that must send a chill down your spine.

    Why don’t we then, as a powerful, knowledgeable, and aware collective, begin to change the narrative about voting in this country?

    It all starts tomorrow with the SU elections, but then we must begin to build momentum to reform the youth apathy stereotype before the UK General Elections next May.

    We are the future economists, policymakers, and government officials of the world. If anyone can do it, it’s us. 

    It’s our time. Get out and vote, LSE.