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  • Mon 15 Sep 2014 15:00


    When you arrive in London, it is highly recommended that you register with a GP. Most government-funded healthcare treatment is free for UK residents, but fixed charges apply for some services. The NHS website has some really excellent information about how to register (How do I register with a GP?), so I thought I’d highlight some of the most important points here. If you live in halls, your welcome packet will probably have some information about how and where to register, so be sure to take a look at that information as well. 

    1. First, locate your nearest GP surgery. I lived in Rosebery Hall last year, and the most convenient GP surgery was The Amwell Practice on Naoroji Street. If you don’t live in halls, use the NHS’s GP locator to find your closest GP.
    2. Find out what paperwork is needed, and fill it out before you arrive. GP surgeries typically ask for the GMS1 form. 
    3. Bring a proof of identity and a proof of address. When I registered, I brought a copy of my passport and a letter from the Accommodation office stating where I lived. Utility bills and council tax bills may also be accepted. Check with your specific GP surgery.
    4. Make an appointment. Once you’ve registered, you can get a Health Check or make an appointment for specific concerns.

    For more information, check out the NHS website and these additional resources:

    How do I register with a GP? (NHS)

    Registering with a GP (LSE)

    FAQs about GPs (NHS)

    When to see your GP (NHS)

    What are A&E departments (NHS)

  • Mon 15 Sep 2014 13:51

    Do you run a club or society at LSE? LSESU has an amazing scheme called ‘Give It A Go’, which we think you’ll like. If you heard about it last year, read on - because we’re changing things up, making it even bigger and better than before.

    What is ‘Give It A Go’?

    It’s an opportunity to show off your society or club by giving students a small taster of what you actually do. It runs during the first two weeks of term, from the 6th October to the 17th.

    During these two weeks, the societies offer students the chance to take part in one activity for free (ideally). This means new students will be able to sign up, take part, have an amazing time and join you.

    Find out more information over on LSESU’s How To Guides – click the Give It A Go tab!

    New for this year: the Give It A Go Festival!

    Your Activities and Development Officer, Alastair, and his team at LSESU have A BIG IDEA for this year. They’re launching a huge headline event, the Give It A Go Festival, showcasing elements from as many different societies and clubs as possible.

    It’ll be an exhilarating day of activities, with a variety of clubs and societies operating at various times. Students will be able to come along, take part in as many as they like, and sign up as members.

    The Festival will be on Wednesday 15th October in the LSESU Venue as well as on School sports facilities.

    How can I be part of Give It A Go and the Festival?

    Being part of Give It A Go is an amazing opportunity to recruit new members. To take part, you’ll need to plan one or more activities to put on during the first two weeks of term and at the festival.

    Once you have some ideas, you’ll need to fill out an online form to let us know what your activity is and when it will take place. The LSESU team will then schedule your session as part of the programme and advertise your it to students. 

    The best event ideas will win funding from LSESU. So get thinking!

    What’s a good idea for an activity session?

    We don’t have any hard and fast rules about activity sessions - they can be anything you want. However, a good activity should give people a real taster of what it’s like in your society or club, in a compelling and welcoming way.

    A tip from Alastair, your Activities and Development Officer: think about hosting a joint event with another society or club - especially if you’re taking part in the Festival. Joint events show off the activities of both organisations in a really unique way.

    Don’t worry - we’ll support you!

    The team at LSESU are here to support you with any activity you decide to do.

    We can help you book rooms, find and operate any equipment you need, plan the session itself and get the logistics sorted. We’ll also publicise your session to make sure new students are excited to come along.

    We can also provide some funding for events, which will be allocated according to the best ideas for the Festival. Societies and clubs will need to pitch their idea to Alastair, or the LSESU Societies Development Coordinator, Iain Pullar, to apply.

    If you have any ideas that you want help with, just want to discuss the possibilities or would like help thinking of a collaboration please let us know. Get in touch by emailing Alastair ( or Iain ( or calling +44 (0) 207 107 5190.

    One final thing…

    This year, we’ll be filming Alastair and the other Sabbs taking part in as many of your society activities as they can - to show off all the amazing stuff that our students get involved in (and to have a bit of fun).

    Being part of the filming is a great way to get your society or club more publicity around campus, and to form better relationships with your representatives. If you’d like to get involved please email Alastair on and let him know. 

    Get thinking, get active and let’s show our freshers what LSESU is all about!

  • Mon 15 Sep 2014 13:30

    How do I get the skills I need to become chief exec of a campaigning charity, a government minister, head of marketing at Ernst & Young, or a brilliant teacher?


    The LSESU Employability and Development Programme is a series of free training sessions that will allow you to develop exactly the sorts of skills you’ll need after LSE.

    The Programme launches on 13th October with a big launch event, which you’ll need to book to attend. Tickets are free, and are released from 6th October onwards.

    Sessions on the programme will include:

    • Sponsorship and contracts
    • Social media
    • Campaigning
    • Public speaking
    • Recruiting and managing volunteers
    • Child protection
    • Event management
    • Managing conflict

    And sessions will be delivered by:

    • World leading academics
    • Campaigning charity activists
    • Leading company brand managers
    • LSE careers team
    • LSESU staff experts

    We’ll be working closely with societies and sports clubs to give you the very best opportunity to increase your skills at LSE, so make sure you join up and come along.

    All sessions will be recorded on your Personal Development Aide Memoire (PDAM), and you will have the opportunity to earn Gold, Silver or Bronze accreditation with rewards for your activity.