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  • Mon 01 Sep 2014 12:12


    One of the things I love the most about LSE is our awesome campus. We’ve been on the site for over a hundred years - and you can tell: there are so many old buildings jostling amongst the new ones. And a walk a round campus isn’t miles off a walk a round a safari park - there are loads of animal statues that pop out at you. That’s us: making every day a touch more surreal…

    The statues were installed in 2006 as a gift from Canadian businessman and LSE alumnus Louis Odette. There are 10 in total: an elephant, an eagle, a tiger, a penguin and a horse (of sorts), as well as five surrealist and human statues, like the one of Mother Theresa above.

    Given that we seem to have a penchant for animal statues, and that our mascot is a beaver, one thing you might be looking for is a beaver statue… Well, you’ll be looking for a while. He gone!



    In 1922 an authentically shaggy-looking beaver was installed when the School’s motto was established. He presided over the territory until at least 1925, but sadly after that nobody knows that happened to him. He seems to have been lost to the mists of time…

    My bet is that he’s roaming wild on Hampstead Heath – although admittedly that’s unlikely. A while ago our top investigator looked into the beaver and its history – take a look at her thoughts.

    We also have an amazing history blog, if you want to know more.

  • Thu 28 Aug 2014 17:08

    Is there a better way to spend the last warm days of the year than lost in London’s markets?

    They’ve got bargains on everything from homeware to vintage port, so you can stock up ready for the start of term. And best of all, free samples abound! :)


    We’ve dug up this gem from our archive (well, from 2013) to give you the skinny on London’s best markets.

    London has one of the world’s best selection of markets where you can find a wide variety of goods from a wide variety of cultures, that usually have a more-than-wallet-friendly price tag (and give you the chance to work on those negotiation skills).

    Do keep in mind that the markets are mostly open Saturdays and Sundays, but check each website as schedules can change.

    For the Foodie: Borough Market

    Located close to London Bridge, Borough Market is packed with vendors selling everything from wine to kangaroo burgers to fresh juices. Don’t forget to grab yourself some lunch while you pick up your exotic jams and artisan cheeses.  

    For the Hipster: Brick Lane

    Most alive on Sunday afternoons, Brick Lane has more vintage furniture pieces than your cool grandpa’s house, garments with more character than a film’s costume rack, and colour that explodes out of the artwork that lines the street. 

    For the one-stop-Shopper: Camden Market

    Organized into six sections, Camden Market encompasses Camden Lock Market (crafts), Stables Market (furniture), Camden Lock Village (everything + the extra unusual), Buck Street Market (clothes), Electric Ballroom (an indoor market with imported goods) and Inverness Street Market (food). 

    For the Romantic: Portobello Market

    Made especially famous by the movie Notting Hill, Portobello Market has a mix of native Londoners and tourists, antiques and original furniture pieces, vintage and edgy fashion, and even some food! The market lasts the length of Portobello Road with each section of the road featuring a different genre of sale. 

  • Tue 26 Aug 2014 15:30

    On Friday 29th August IMT will be decommissioning the lsesecure wireless network service. Users will no longer be able to connect to lsesecure.


    What wireless network should I connect to instead?

    Users should connect to eduroam, the wireless network available for LSE staff and students. eduroam is available across campus including in major lecture theatres, the Library and public areas. eduroam has a wide range of benefits including better connectivity and the ability to seamlessly access WiFi wherever eduroam is available, including at many other higher education institutions across the UK and even overseas.

    Why is this happening?

    IMT is working to upgrade the School’s internet connection to one that is faster, has more capacity and more security. lsebasic, another older wireless network, has already been decommissioned. Removing lsesecure completes the streamlining of the wireless service. This allows IMT to continue to make improvements to eduroam, a newer and more secure wireless network which is already in use across the School.

    What about The Cloud?

    The Cloud is an open access WiFi network available on campus, but only intended to be used by guests at public events and visitors who do not have LSE network accounts. IMT recommends that LSE staff and students use eduroam for a smoother WiFi experience.

    How do I connect to eduroam?

    Enable WiFi on your device, make sure you are at an area on campus with coverage and choose eduroam as your wireless network. Sign in using your LSE email address and LSE password. For more detailed guidance, see

    What should I do if I experience technical difficulties?

    Some devices may automatically default to using The Cloud. If you are experiencing problems with WiFi, please check if your device is connected to eduroam.

    If you need assistance connecting to eduroam, contact the IT Service Desk:


    Phone: 020 7107 5000 (extension 5000) 

    You can also visit the Walk-In Centre for assistance. The Walk-In Centre is on the first floor of St Clement’s, S.198 and is open from 9.30am to 5.30pm, Monday to Friday.