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  • Sat 19 Apr 2014 14:01


    It’s really hard to eat healthy, particularly when unhealthy foods are so cheap and frequently discounted. But I promise you, you’ll feel a lot better if you make some simple snack replacements in your diet. You’ll thank yourself later when you’ve gotten a bunch of work done, your stomach is satisfied, and your energy levels haven’t crashed. Here are a few of my personal favorite snack replacements ideas from a really great Buzzfeed article I recently came across.

    1. Swap your sodium-filled Pret wrap with “Banana Dog Bites


    Don’t get me wrong, Pret isn’t as bad as a lot of other prepared foods, but it’s not all that healthy either. If you’re just looking for a snack, try putting some peanut butter on a whole wheat wrap and putting a banana in the middle. On top of being a cute, easy snack, it’s also bound to be delicious. And I’m not just saying that because I’m kind of obsessed with peanut butter. 

    2. Instead of that tub of ice cream, make a delicious yogurt parfait with fruit and granola 


    Ice cream is pretty tempting, especially now that it’s getting warmer, but there are lots of other foods to enjoy that will keep you feeling refreshed. Try mixing some low-fat yogurt with fresh fruits and granola bits. The recipe recommends also adding agave nectar, but you can make the parfait without it to cut costs and keep it healthier. All of the ingredients should be available at your local grocery store, and you’ll probably end up with enough materials to make it several times. To cut costs even more, try buying frozen fruits to mix with your fresh yogurt. 

    3. Switch any form of chocolate with “Nutella Energy Bites


    Chocolate is super hard to resist, but you don’t necessarily have to avoid it entirely when it’s featured in so many healthy(ish) snacks. The ingredient list for this delicious dish is a little complicated, and it requires a food processor (sorry!) but it could be a great thing to do on a study break! If this is a little too complicated, remember what I said about dark chocolate in my last post (it’s not really so horrible). 

    4. Avoid that bag of ultra processed crisps and prepare some crisp vegetables with creamy hummus dip


    When I was first introduced to hummus, I was a little skeptical. I’ve since decided it’s not so bad, but I know a lot of people who really enjoy it, and it’s definitely a very creamy, rich dip. You can get it for fairly cheap at the supermarket, and a lot of times at least one of the brands is discounted. Next time you’re craving crisps, try and grab a bit of hummus and some vegetables instead. You’ll find that it’s really satisfying and it won’t make you feel awful about yourself. To cut costs, try buying a bunch of celery and/or some whole carrots. It takes very little time to prepare the vegetables for dipping instead of buying them precut, so you’ll save money with fairly little effort. 

    Here’s my last blog post for more ideas:

    Studying? Reach for Healthy Foods, Not Crisps (blog)

    And check out the original article for this post here:

    17 Power Snacks for Studying (Buzzfeed)

    *All images in this post are from the above article

  • Thu 17 Apr 2014 15:30

    Below are 10 reasons why I think everyone should be drinking green smoothies. It’s my hope you join the green smoothie lifestyle to fuel your body with nutritious foods so you feel better every day.


    I used to feel guilty because I didn’t eat a bunch of fruit and veggies. It just wasn’t what I craved—and I know it has a lot to do with that big bowl of cereal I would have for breakfast (there’s not much nutrition in that). Now I pack my blender with fresh fruits, leafy greens and lot of liquid to create a fast and nutritious breakfast. It’s like having a salad for breakfast (but it actually tastes really good!). When I start the day with a green smoothie my body thanks me by being a little more forgiving if I indulge a bit for lunch. Plus, I don’t feel so guilty.


    Switching to the green smoothie lifestyle was easy. We already had an inexpensive blender when I moved into an apartment with my friends, and it added zero time to my morning routine. It never takes more than five minutes to blend a green smoothie, and you can bring them with you if you commute to uni! I suppose the only people negatively affected were our sleeping neighbours next door…


    I’ve tried using juices as meal replacements several times, and it usually didn’t work out well. I’ve got nothing against the juicing movement, but I love green smoothies more because I drink the whole fruit—including all the fibrous parts that are filling and great for digestion. I drink a green smoothie almost every morning and always feel content up until lunchtime.


    This is true! The fiber in green smoothies helps to slow the absorption of sugar, which gives your body a steady dose of energy without feeling withdrawals. Who knew?


    Green smoothies are a healthy alternative to food and drink options, but they can help lower the risk of some of the biggest health issues that adults deal with—one of the biggest being high blood pressure. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables is one the top ways to lower blood pressure, and we’ve heard countless stories from people in our community who have seen their numbers go way down after a period of drinking green smoothies.


    Do you ever feel like eating a giant steak after a work out? Probably not the best idea… Making green smoothies a post-workout habit will help you to stay fit and replenish your body with nutrients it needs, instead of giving your stomach what it craves. Leafy greens, like spinach and kale, are filled with protein, and you can even add a couple tablespoons of chia seeds or hemp protein powder if you’re looking for a bit more.


    For the normal person, simply replacing one meal a day with a green smoothie can help lose a bit of weight. It’s always a positive thing when you give your body a healthy dose of fruit, veggies, and leafy greens as a meal instead of wings and rings. 


    Don’t ask me why, but the smiles that normally emerge from tasting the perfectly smooth mix of fruit as it forms a creamy layer over your tongue is destined to make even the most miserable person to momentarily forget their troubles in the world. You won’t know until you’ve experienced it…


    The first time I ever drank a green smoothie, it didn’t even taste like it had handfuls of spinach in it. Whenever I introduce a person to green smoothies, they agree. So, as long as you blend a good combination of fruits (and sometimes vegetables) together, you’re probably gonna like what you’re drinking.


    This is a no brainer! Make your way to an Icelands, Tesco or Asda a stock up on your frozen fruit and veg in bulk. It’ll save you a fortune.

    For a great video on the making of a smoothie in real life – click on the link below. Video 


  • Thu 17 Apr 2014 15:01

    Even if you don’t celebrate Easter, there’s quite a few fun activities going on this weekend that are open to everyone. Since it’s a national holiday from Friday 18 April to Monday 21 April (and since the weather is getting so nice!), there’s bound to be quite a few people out enjoying the weekend. Here’s a quick list of events: 

    Feast of St George

    On Monday 21 April, he Feast of St. George will be held from 12-6pm in Trafalgar Square. There will be an English farmers’ market with delicious food and lots of free events, so it’s definitely worth stopping by. 

    Berwick Street Record Store Day

    If you’re into music, this is for you. There will be a free festival on "Record Store Day," Saturday 19 April, in Berwick Street Market, and area lined with indie music stores, unique shops, and farmers’ markets.

    Urban Food Festival

    On Saturday 19 April starting at 5pm, there will be a really great line up of different food trucks serving a variety of global cuisine options in the Euro Car Parks in Shoreditch. The Urban Food Fest will be on every Saturday until June, so if you can’t catch it this weekend, definitely check it out later on.

    For some other weekend ideas, check out these links:

    Visit some chocolate shops: Look at TimeOut’s list of the best chocolate shops across the city for a nice treat. 

    Visit some of London’s beautiful parks: Check out a city farmgreen space, or royal park- it’s the best way to enjoy the weather, catch some sun, and spend as little as possible.

    Attend a party: If you’re really into partying and parties, check out TimeOut’s list of Easter parties across the city

    And check out TimeOut London’s list of other Things to Do this weekend for more options.

    Enjoy the holiday weekend!