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  • Fri 06 May 2016 11:40

    The shortlist for the LSE Teaching Excellence Awards is now out! 

    Every year, these awards recognise individuals who have made an exceptional difference to students’ lives. A record number of nominations were made in 2016: 1,370 in total. 

    All of these, as well as the shortlist and the winners, came from students. The people, in other words, who actually experience the teaching first-hand. 

    The Awards Ceremony is on Wednesday 11th May - tickets are free (click here to reserve one).


    Award for Excellent Welfare and Pastoral Support

    • Kate Steward - Gender Institute
    • Marco Scipioni - Government
    • Abby Innes - European Institute

    Award for Mentoring and Personal Development

    • Neil Lee - Geography and Environment
    • Imran Malik - Accounting
    • Viki Chinn - LSE Careers

    Award for Sharing Subject Knowledge

    • Austin Zeiderman - Geography and Environment
    • Ida Danewid - International Relations
    • Alex Voorhoeve - Philosophy, Logic and Scientific Method

    Award for Excellent Feedback and Communication

    • David Kinney - Philosophy, Logic and Scientific Method
    • Taylor St. John - International Relations
    • Francesco Ruggieri - Economics

    Award for Research Guidance and Support

    • Hayley German - Management
    • Marsha Henry - Gender Institute
    • Sefi Roth - Geography and Environment

    Award for Innovative Teaching

    • Joanna Lewis - International History
    • Eleni Katirtzoglou - Mathematics
    • Aleksander Kloda - Economics

    Award for Inspirational Teaching

    • Tarak Barkawi - International Relations
    • Robert Craig - Law
    • Alex Gillespie - Social Psychology

    Departmental Excellence Award

    • Philosophy, Logic and Scientific Method
    • Gender Institute
    • Anthropology

    Teaching Excellence Awards Ceremony

    We’ll announce the winners at the Teaching Excellence Awards Ceremony, which begins at 5.30pm on Wednesday 11th May. 

  • Wed 04 May 2016 17:39

    On Thursday 5th May, voting opens for a new London Mayor and members of the London Assembly. We believe student voices deserve to be heard, and that everyone who can vote, should vote. 

    Here are seven key things every LSE student should know before they make their way to the polling station.


    1. Who’s actually running for Mayor

    There are 12 candidates running for the position of Mayor of London. These are:

    (Candidates without links didn’t submit a LondonElects mini manifesto.)

    2. The difference between a Constituency London Assembly member and a London-wide Assembly member

    You’ll be asked to vote for each of these. The Constituency London Assembly member represents your local area on the London Assembly. There are 14 constituencies which will elect a representative.

    The London-wide Assembly member represents the whole of London on the London Assembly. There are 11 London-wide Assembly Member seats in total. 

    3. Who’s running for the London Assembly.

    Constituency London Assembly members

    Head to to see all the candidates for the Constituency London Assembly.

    London-wide Assembly Members

    Head to to see the names of the candidates for the London-wide Assembly. Candidates are standing from the following parties:

    • Animal Welfare Party
    • Britain First - Putting British people first
    • British National Party
    • Caroline Pidgeon’s London Liberal Democrats
    • Christian Peoples Alliance
    • Conservative Party
    • Green Party - “vote Green on orange”
    • Labour Party
    • Respect (George Galloway)
    • The House Party - Homes for Londoners
    • UK Independence Party (UKIP)
    • Women’s Equality Party

    4. How to fill in the polling cards

    When you arrive at the polling station you’ll be given three ballot papers in the 2016 elections: one to vote for the Mayor of London and two for the London Assembly.


    Pink ballot paper: London Mayor

    • You have 2 choices for Mayor.  
    • Vote once [X] in column A for your first choice. Each candidate will either be part of a political party or standing as an independent candidate
    • Vote once [X] in column B for your second choice.
    • For your second choice to be valid it must be different from your first choice.
    • If you only mark a second choice, your vote will not be counted.
    • Marking a second choice doesn’t reduce the chances of your first choice candidate being successful.

    Yellow ballot paper: Constituency London Assembly member

    • Choose who you want to represent your local area on the London Assembly.
    • Vote for only one candidate by putting a cross [X] next to your choice.
    • Your London Assembly constituency is not the same as your parliamentary constituency. It is made up of the local authority you live in and 1, 2 or 3 other London local authorities.

    Orange ballot paper: London-wide Assembly member

    • Choose who you want to represent the whole of London on the London Assembly.
    • Vote only once by putting a cross [X] in the box next to your choice.

    5. Where your polling station is

    6. What time your polling station opens and closes

    • Polling stations across London open at 7am, and close at 10pm.

    7. What Boris looks like on a zipline 

    It’s like this.


    And finally…

    8. The elections coverage - exit polls, interviews and results - will be streamed in the Three Tuns!

    We’ll be streaming the BBC coverage from 1pm in the Three Tuns on Thursday, and from 1pm on Friday, until the results are announced. Drop by! (We will take a break at around 8.30pm to screen the Liverpool game.)

    The results of the London Mayoral election are expected at around 6-8pm on Friday 6th May. 


  • Tue 03 May 2016 11:14

    Scenes from the LSE Library. 

    A huge thank you to LSE Instagrammers (from top) @thekingelizabeth, @virgyeveryv@iba_jai@imblanc, @avindi_@wonderpig_x@martaaolive, @dariabernes and @schokola_mao for sharing their photos. 

    (Give them a follow!)