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  • Fri 30 Jan 2015 12:00

    Following the UGM yesterday, the below amendments were made to the motions submitted:


    1. The motion ‘LSESU Should Say No to Violence in Solidarity with Charlie Hebdo’ has been renamed ‘LSESU should condemn violence in solidarity with the victims of the Charlie Hebdo attack’.

    2. In the same motion, the line 'Charlie Hebdo is a left-wing, anti-racist magazine with a string tradition of speaking up' is now amended to 'Charlie Hebdo has a strong tradition of speaking up'.

    Voting on these motions will close at 5pm today:

  • Fri 30 Jan 2015 11:36

    In Week 4 of Lent Term (this Monday onwards) we’re bringing the world to your doorstep.

    In Global Village Week you can explore the myriad different cultures of our incredible student body, learn about their language, art, current affairs, food and much more. Read on for more details. 


    Learn how to order a drink in dozens of different languages! On Monday the Venue will be offering crash courses taught by the natives themselves, so you can learn some phrases you’ve always wanted to know.


    A culture-based version of life drawing! You’ll be able to see students’ national dress and sketch different poses. 


    From 11am till 2pm teams will tackle each other in 6 international sports, a different one every half an hour. There’s kabbadi, table tennis, flag football (like American Football but weirder), Gaelic football and more. Team bookings necessary - email!


    Engage in discussion of the topical issues of today with people from a diverse range of backgrounds and cultures. The day will include a panel debate about the forthcoming UK General Election with Seb Bruhn and the heads of different societies, from 12.30-1.30.


    All you foodies out there will love all the free delicacies each country has to offer. Global food day features chicken wings and cheesy nachos from America, sushi from Japan and pies from t’north… *mouth waters*

    Presented by Community and Welfare Officer Seb Bruhn and International Students’ Officer Indo Vickerson.

    For more info, check out the Facebook event!

    Enjoy the Week and tweet us your photos: #LSESUGlobalVillage

  • Wed 28 Jan 2015 17:09

    We all know there is something wrong with cost of studying at LSE. Not just the cost of being a student in London, and the lack of financial support available to us, but the actual fees just to study here.

    For international students, in just ten years the cost of studying an undergraduate course at LSE has gone from £10,509 to £17,040. The MSc in Gender has risen by £7,000, the MSc Human Rights has increased by £8,500 and the MSc in City Design has risen by nearly £10,000 to £24,456.

    The situation for students from the UK and Europe isn’t much better. The LLM has nearly doubled in cost to £13,600, an MSc in Philosophy of the Social Sciences is £5,000 more expensive now, and an MSc in EU Politics has risen over £7,000 to £18,000 in the next year.

    Unlike fees for home undergraduates, with fees regulated by the UK government, LSE has complete control over how much they charge for Masters courses and for all international students.

    But LSE’s fees setting policy doesn’t make sense. EVERY YEAR fees go up 4%. 4%!! This is beyond inflation, which was at 0.5% in December. So from their first year to their last an undergraduate student that started last year will be paying at least £1,200 by their final year – just because LSE has chosen 4% as the figure to increase fees by.

    Some in the School claim that this 4% rises in line because it corresponds increased in staff salaries, but this isn’t true. Some of the courses the School designates as ‘premium’ increased by 6%, but did staff in those courses see a 6% increase in their salaries? No.

    Is there a 4% increase in student support available? No. Over the next five years the School expects to spend the same amount of money every year on international scholarships. 4% increase in fees every year but 0% increase in scholarship funds.

    • Fees rising by more than inflation
    • Scholarships and bursaries not increasing at same level
    • The School has £90m cash in the bank and had a surplus in the last two years of £48m

    Other Universities, including King’s, Leeds, Nottingham, Cardiff and Edinburgh protect international students by guaranteeing that fees wont rise during their study. LSE should be doing the same.

    The School does their initial fee setting at a meeting called Student Numbers and Finance (SNAF) which is meeting in the next few days and I need your help.

    What we want

    1. Introduce a fixed fee guarantee for international students
    2. End to arbitrary 4% year on year increase for international students
    3. End to LSE application fee
    4. Enhance the support available to international students
    5. Increase student engagement in the fee setting process

     How you can help



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