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  • Wed 25 Nov 2015 16:11

    So far it has been an incredibly busy term, and we’ve still got two and a half weeks left. A lot has been going on with regards to LSE Education and below are some key updates from the term so far!

    Education Strategy

     As you will hopefully have seen, the school is in the process of developing a new Education Strategy 2015-2020. As part of this strategy, the school will be writing an Education Covenant with the potential to reshape what an LSE Education looks like. As part of this process we have been conducting a wide ranging consultation with students, which will directly impact on the changes that are made.

     This consultation has included a continuation of last year’s ‘Re-Imagining Your Education’ series with events such as ‘The Academics Speak’ and ‘The Unconference’. The events have allowed us to gain suggestions directly from students regarding what they want from their time at LSE and what needs to be different. The final Re-Imagining event of the term, focused specifically on the Education Covenant will be taking place on Wednesday 2nd December at 6pm in the Saw Swee Hock 6th Floor Studio.  

    The final element of our consultation has been an online survey to gain as wide a range of student views as possible. Over 300 students have now told us what needs to be different, make sure you don’t miss the chance to do the same. Our survey is available here and is open until Friday 4th December.

     Beyond the Classroom 

    This term we have successfully launched the SU’s new ‘Beyond the Classroom’ programme and it is going from strength to strength. We have already offered weekly skills sessions on recruiting volunteers, working with children and managing conflict, with plenty more to come next term. We also launched the ‘SU Talks’ public lectures with ‘A case for the Arts’ to great success and will be continuing with ‘What should be the role of a public broadcaster?’ on Wednesday 9th December from 7pm in the Saw Swee Hock 6th Floor Studio.


    The situation with timetables and room bookings has caused, and continues to cause problems and extra stress. Throughout the process I have been communicating with the school and until the issue is resolved, I will now be sitting on the project board responsible. When we are provided with further information, we will ensure to communicate it to you.

    With the other sabbatical officers I have been and will continue to push for adequate compensation for the inconvenience to students. On a related not, I have already met with Paul Kelly (Pro Director Teaching & Learning) and Hannah Bannister (Head of Student Services) on multiple occasions to lobby for an earlier release of the Summer Term Exam Timetable.  After the problems with exam timetables in the last two years, the response from the school has not been good enough. It is time an exam timetable was delivered on time and much further in advance than Lent Term Week 10. I will continue to lobby hard and am confident we can secure a response from the school.

     Teaching & Study Space

    I have been working closely with the school in the early conversations around the design of 44 Lincolns Inn Field. We have already run some department specific consultation and as the process continues we will further be consulting with students.

    With the centre buildings development we are also speaking to the school regularly regarding noise and disruption. If you are experiencing an problems or have any complaints regarding access, noise, or the centre buildings development in any way then please get in touch at

    A final few pieces of really great news regarding space! In response to the continued demand for space from students, the 4th Floor of the Library is now open with a capacity of over 200. It is a phenomenal new resource for students, so if you haven’t already make sure to check it out. This term has also seen the opening of the PhD Academy on the 4th floor of library, which is a dedicated space specifically for PhD students.

    I will be writing again in the next couple of weeks with a full term wrap-up including any further updates and major wins from the Michaelmas Term. If in the meantime, if you have any questions, queries or comments then don’t hesitate to get in touch either by email or by dropping by the 3rd Floor Office in the Saw Swee Hock Student Centre.

  • Wed 25 Nov 2015 10:00

    First Year Government and Economics student George Fattal shares his reflections on the activities, events and feeling of community that came about during Interfaith Week 2015. Read his introductory post here.

    Before interfaith week I had a very different interpretation of what Interfaith Week was. I had previously though that it was about enriching my understanding of other faiths, to make myself a more informed person and a better British citizen. 

    As the week progressed, my interpretation of the importance of interfaith changed. It became clear that Interfaith week is equally about giving as well as enriching my own understanding. There are so may ways that we can provide other people with information about our faiths and beliefs. This can range from being part of a panel of University students, to speaking about your beliefs in a Primary school assembly. 

    This week LSESU hosted several interfaith events and I was fortunate enough to attend several of them. On Monday, members of different faith societies held a stall outside the Saw Swee Hock Student Centre, where we introduced the week’s events to other students. As well as giving out freebies (including food of course!) we asked others to write about what interfaith means to them. Being part of a community at LSE that is so diverse, it was no surprise that answers ranged from ‘it restores my faith in humanity’ to ‘food.’ 

    On Tuesday the Buddhist Society held a meditation session in the Faith Centre. It is clear that the calmness and reflection that this encourages that is something that everybody can apply to their lives. I was also lucky enough to have the opportunity to represent the Jewish Society as part of group of different faith groups, who went to a local primary school that day. We each discussed key ideas in our religion in relation to the concept of ‘compassion.’ The maturity and respect that the students showed was incredibly promising and shows us how easy it is to be part of a cohesive society. 

    Wednesday’s activity was more political; students from different faith groups discussed British Values and their interpretation of them. This really highlighted our similarities. Continuing the idea of giving to the community, on Thursday many people helped an Inter-Faith Peace Garden Project by painting and gardening in collaboration with the Volunteer Centre. 

    We ended the week with tea and cake for everyone who got involved. By Friday, I felt I had learnt a lot, made many friends, and I am now looking forward for next year’s Interfaith Week!

    See also

    Photos from Interfaith Week 2015

    George’s previous post, On LSE’s Many Faiths, Interfaith, and Personal Faith

  • Tue 24 Nov 2015 16:07

    Happy Pride Week! Drop by the LSE SU LGBT+ Alliance stall outside the Saw Swee Hock Student Centre this week to say hello, get news on what’s on, and participate in some interactive activities. It’s there from 11am - 3pm until Friday.

    Here’s the LSE SU LGBT+ Alliance’s full schedule of Pride events happening across campus:

    Tuesday 24th - Talk: Sex, Drugs and Shame: LGBT+ Progress and its Discontents

    6pm, CLM 2.04

    Join us and leading UK psychologists for an engaging discussion of the darker shames in the community, and how we can tackle them for a better future. Topics include mental health, drug abuse, and sexual health.

    RSVP here:

    Wednesday 25th - International projection of LGBT+ Rights Discussion

    6pm, 6th floor meeting room, SSH

    Come and debate whether countries have the right to intervene and force countries to become more progressive.

    RSVP here:

    Thursday 26th - Film Screening: Milk

    5:30PM TW2 1.02

    Come along to see Milk (2008) the story of the game-changing, openly gay US politician who revolutionised LGBT+ politics in the US and influenced it world over.

    Friday 27th - Tea and Cake Social

    5pm, location TBC

    Tea and cake social with the Intersectional Feminist society! A great warm up for the later panel discussion. 

    Stay up to date on the event location here:

    Panel Talk: White, Cis, Gay Men: Who Are We Forgetting?

    6pm, NAB 2.03

    This is an intersectional panel discussion with some great LSE speakers discussing whether LGBT+ culture has become homogeneous, male dominated, white, middle-class and cis-centric. Join us for what is sure to be an intense and provocative event.

    This panel will be followed by an LGBT+ night out at G-A-Y Bar - all welcome!

    Like the LGBT+ Alliance Facebook page to stay up to date on all things Pride.