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Equestrian and Polo

Never sat on a horse or been riding/playing polo for many years? We guarantee to offer you a fantastic polo/riding experience.



What does the Equestrian and Polo Club do?


The Equestrian and Polo Club runs weekly lessons for all polo player/riding abilities, and organises various activities and trips throughout the year.


Follow our Facebook page LSE Equestrian and Polo Club for news and updates about the Club, our activities and opportunities.


Don’t hesitate to drop us an email if you’d like to join our sessions/team, or if you have any questions.




For beginners:

  • We offer weekly polo sessions for students looking to learn how to play polo.
  • No prior polo or horse-riding experience is required; the intstructors will teach you how to ride before covering the fundamentals of the sport.
  • As students improve, they may then participate in a short chukka (polo game session) at the end of the session. 
  • Come in jeans; No polo equipment is required, but bring long boots if you can.
  • £50 per session (standard polo membership required), this charge includes horse hire, instructors charge and equipment charges


For novice to intermediate/advanced polo players:

  • We offer weekly polo sessions for students experienced in polo (Handicap: -2 upwards)
  • These sessions will be for students looking to improve their polo playing ability level
  • Experienced horse-riders may be able to join in these sessions.
  • £50 per session (standard polo membership required)


For advanced riders (Polo Team):

  • Team members will be expected to come to at least on training session per week.
  • There will numerous opportunities to compete with experienced club members as well as students from UoL universities.
  • We are working towards hosting a competition open to all universities this year.
  • £50 per training session (team polo membership required)
  • For competititions: £75 per chukka for horse hire.



For beginners

  • Our very popular Learn to Ride course takes place on Thursday afternoon 4:00-5:00 at Mount Mascal over 8 weeks, starting on the 8th October 2020.
  • By the end of the course, you will be able to steer the horse, stop, walk and trot completely independently. You will also know how to tack and untack the horse and learn some important stable management skills. Within a few weeks, you will be able to join our exciting hacks!
  • Each rider must attend every lesson to ensure the group progresses.
  • In order to ensure our riders progress, we do not currently offer any alternative lessons for Beginners. If there is overwhelming demand, we will aim to organise a second learn to ride course in the Lent Term! 
  • Price - £160 for the full course


For novice to intermediate/advanced riders 

  • If you can already trot independently and want to improve your riding skills, learn to canter, jump, do some lateral movements, or develop your seat and contact with the horse, then join our weekly lessons at Mount Mascal Stables!
  • Prices:
    • Michaelmas Term pass - £160;
    • Lent Term pass - £ TBC;
    • 5 lesson pack - £110;
    • Single lesson - £25


For advanced riders (Equestrian Team)

  • If you are an experienced rider, who can jump a full 90cm+ course, and adapt to new horses quickly, we would be very excited to have you on the competitive team! As part of the BUCS Equestrian League, we compete against 3 other universities four times throughout the year in jumping and dressage on borrowed horses, with the opportunity to move onto Regionals, and then Nationals. You can find more info about the BUCS league here.
  • Team Tryouts will take place on the 1st of October. You can find more info on when and how to sign up on our Facebook page.
  • The team lessons take place on Saturday's at 5pm at Mount Mascal Stables. We also have a Team + Advanced group lesson on Tuesday's at 3pm and Thursday's at 3pm. You may choose to attend one or both lessons, but we do expect all team riders to attend at least one lesson per week.
  • Prices
    • Michaelmas Term pass - £160 (one lesson per week) ; £280 (two lessons per week);
    • Lent Term pass - £ TBC


Please note that all non-beginner riders who wish to take part in our lessons throughout the year have to be assessed before joining a lesson!


Lesson Booking and Very Important Info


  • All members need to sign up for their respective lesson each week. You need to have purchased either a Term pass, 5 lesson pack, or single lesson in order to make a booking.
  • You can book your lesson before 8pm Saturday for the following Monday’s lesson ; or before 8pm on Monday for the following Wednesday’s lesson. You can cancel your booking up to 24hours before the lesson, free of charge. We will confirm your booking via email or through the FB group.
  • If you can no longer attend a lesson on a particular day, you must let the committee know at least 24 hours before the lesson by emailing This is very important so that the instructors can plan their timetables accordingly. If you miss this deadline, you will unfortunately be charged for the lesson you missed.
  • There are a limited places available for each group. If we have overwhelming demand for a particular group or day, priority will be given to members who have purchased a Michaelmas or Lent Term pass, and then on a first come first served basis.
  • All students must be assessed before joining a lesson. We suggest that you purchase your lessons after completing the assessment to ensure we have a suitable group available.
  • The Michaelmas and Lent Term passes are valid from the 28/09/2020 to 13/12/2020 , and from 14/01/2021 to 28/03/2021 respectively. They are not refundable nor transferable, and can only be used on lessons organised by the Equestrian and Polo club.
  • The single lesson and 5 lesson pack expire on the 28th March 2021, they are not refundable but can be transferred to an existing member. They can only be used on lessons organised by the Equestrian and Polo club.
  • Lessons will start on the 15th October 2020. There are no lessons during holidays or reading week. 





Apart from our weekly lessons, we also offer many more activities, such as hacks, social events and trips abroad!

Some of our previous activities include:

  • Horse riding hacks at:
    • Richmond Park
    • Bushy Park
    • Windsor Park
    • Hyde Park
    • Surrey Hills
  • Trip to Salon du Cheval in Paris
  • Trip to Bordeaux horseshow
  • Royal Ascot
  • Horse Riding trip to Scotland
  • .. and more!




  • Select your membership type at the top of this page and add to your basket
  • Our standard equestrian membership (£30 per year) is for most of our riders, and covers the club's essential operating costs.
  • The competitive equestrian membership (£40 per year) is aimed at our team members who compete for LSE, and covers the essentials as well as expenses related to competitions. 
  • Our standard polo membership (£55 per year) caters to all players regardless of ability level. It allows you to participate in weekly polo lessons as well as equestrian ones.
  • Our competitive polo membership (£65 per year) is aimed at our polo team members who compete for LSE, and covers the essentials as well as expenses related to competitions.





We are looking for committee members to help us run the club! If you want to be involved in the Equestrian and Polo club, let us know and email us at :)

We have lots of positions open and are mainly looking for: a club captain, Vice-Secratary, Events Officer and Sponsorship Officer!

Elections will take place on 7th of October