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Muay Thai - Self Defence Classes for Women
9th February
LSE Campus, Marshall Building Sports Hall
Want to learn how to defend yourself with martial arts? Join our self-defense seminars! From Muay Thai strikes to BJJ escape techniques, participants will learn how to combat common attacks. Seminars are taught by Sabaidee Academy's Jenny Phung.
LSESU Event | LSESU Gym | Active Lifestyle | Women's Rights Week 2022
Go-Karting at TeamSport Docklands
23rd February
TeamSport Docklands, 3 Herringham Road, Charlton, London, SE7 8NJ
Go-Karting at TeamSport Docklands
2023 Muay Thai Fight Night
5th March
New City Fitness, Redvers St, London N1 6NE
Introducing our first ever Muay Thai fight night! LSE Muay Thai will be hosting an intercollegiate fight night. Fights will be in non-decision format, and matchups will be made based on the fighters' experience levels.
LSE Event | LSESU Gym | Active Lifestyle

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