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  • Fri 19 Aug 2016 11:06

    The results are in. It’s been hard work, but finally your A-levels are over and you’re about to take on a whole new and exciting challenge.

    For the past few months you’ve been buried in books, lost more than a little sleep and crammed more information in to your head than you ever thought possible. It’s fair to say you’re probably more than a little tired. To help you get back on your feet, check out our top tips for recovering, relaxing and celebrating after results day.

    1. Lie in


    Come on, you know you deserve it. Shut that 7am study alarm off, cover your head in the blankets and get back to sleep, pronto.

    2. Enjoy a proper meal

    Exam periods are not known for their culinary delights. Single-minded focus on passing that tricky test tends to leave a lot of us relying on energy drinks and crisps rather than Instagram worthy health snacks. Finally you’ve got time to enjoy a proper meal. 


    3. Get some fresh air

    Once you’ve refueled, maybe take the opportunity to get outside and breath in the fresh, non-exam-filled, air. Doesn’t the world look so much nicer when you don’t have to worry about all the info you’ve been cramming into your head for the last few months?


    4. Netflixing

    Let’s be honest, you’ve probably found a few excuses to not study this exam period, right? One of the most persistent of these temptations is Netflix and it’s streaming ilk. But finally you can enjoy TV again without that little guilty feeling you’ve been trying to ignore.


    5. Say hello

    And finally, come join our online community in the LSE Freshers and Offer Holders Facebook group. Get to know your new classmates and ask us anything you’d like to know before you come and join us at the best (we think) Student Union in the country.


    Well done everyone, and welcome to LSE.

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  • Thu 18 Aug 2016 14:46

    Wahey, congratulations to the new cohort of LSE students that will be arriving this September!

    As per tradition, I can imagine many of you have taken a screenshot of the UCAS page, where your place at LSE has been confirmed. Don’t worry, I’m not judging you 😀

    You deserve to feel very proud of yourselves, not least for making it to LSE, but also for getting through what felt like the never ending black hole that was A-levels. The new found fame, the prestige amongst your friends and the gifts from your parents makes it all seem worth it, right? 

    Wrong. What’s really worth it was the personal journey you took to become the person you are today; the new heights you rose to, the people you proved wrong (even if the sceptic was you), and the circumstances you overcame in the process. Each and every one of you have various other reasons for celebrating today but never forget the times you thought you couldn’t achieve it and yet, here you stand. You didn’t fail – you succeeded! 

    I can assure you that this will be the first of many successes in your life. Many, I’m sure, I’ll get to witness during your time at LSE. LSE will bring out the qualities and passions in you that you couldn’t have foreseen. Utilize all our resources and take on as many opportunities as possible so your experience can be the greatest ever! I know you just want to get lost in the excitement and make the most of the summer before the best years of your life – but honestly feel proud of yourself.

    Now go and throw away the piles of revision notes blocking the entrance to your bedroom that you kept ‘just in case’. The news you’ve been waiting for what seems like forever to hear has been confirmed – you are an LSE student.

    The adventure awaits you.

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    Visit the Join the Official LSE Freshers and Offer Holders Facebook group:

    Follow us on Twitter and Instagram at @lsesu


  • Tue 16 Aug 2016 11:43

    In response to high demand over recent years, Transport For London (TFL) is preparing to launch their 24 hour Tube service on the 19th of August - restricted to specific underground lines. This means getting the city late at night has become a little bit easier.


    With passenger numbers being considerably higher on Friday and Saturday nights, TFL have made it possible to travel between Central London and the outskirts of the city with an night service on those days.

    For students concerned about travel and transport from campus and around London following evening events - the Night Tube offers a convenient solution.

    The following lines will be in operation as part of the Night Tube launch: Central line, Jubilee and Victoria lines, Northern line and the Piccadilly line (with planned extensions to additional underground lines as the service expands).

    All stations will continue to be staffed by London Underground employees while train services are running.

    For further details about this service and the relevant fares, visit the Night Tube page on the TFL website.