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  • Fri 28 Apr 2017 15:30

    “We’ve had more support here at LSE, than at any other university.”

    The LSESU Leadership Accreditation is an award which recognises the students who have developed their skills as part of the LSESU community. Be it in leading a sports club or society, setting up a campaign for injustice or representing fellow students as an academic rep.

    This year, 28 students completed the award, with a varied mix from all three streams. They were each invited to attend the Celebration Lunch where they collected their certificates, stuck into free pastries and spoke to fellow accredited students from other streams. 

    “I believe I achieved my aims with the LSESU Leadership Accreditation. The event had all of the elements (dissertation panel with alumni, food and drinks with social/networking at the end) that I had discussed in the meeting with the SU officer when planning the event.” - Marta Kochetkova

    Here is the full list of all students who were awarded the Leadership Accreditation Award 2017:

    Jess Fitzgerald
    Ceri Jenkins
    Adam Crowther
    Ella Baggaley-Simpson
    Zoe Carre
    Sophie Bjorholm-Lewis
    Laura Schiever
    Sumati Semavoine
    Shanaz Farooqi
    Harriet Lavin
    Mariochukwu Washington-Ihieme
    Friederike Horlacher
    Juliane Hoss
    Bella Leyh
    Dmitry  Lysenko
    Carole Reniero
    Megan Beddoe
    Antonin Boissin
    Joost Versteeg
    Joseph Donaghey
    Sumati Semavoine-Jain
    Marta Kochetkova
    Isabella Leyh
    Rachelle del Aguila
    Maria Kornienko
    Michael Knoeller
    Harry Olden
    Gineke Helberg
    Suhaila Perera

    Congratulations to you all!

    To find out more or start your Leadership accreditation journey, register your interest on our website

  • Fri 28 Apr 2017 14:20

  • Thu 27 Apr 2017 17:43

    If you’re experiencing difficulties that impact your studies, such as ill health or bereavement, it’s important to be aware of your options. 

    If you enter an exam or submit an assessment the School will normally take that as a declaration that you are fit to do so. You may therefore wish to consider alternatives to ensure you can give your assessments your best shot. 

    You could ask to defer your exam(s) or request individual exam adjustments, both of which our Advice Service can support with (we advise doing so sooner rather than later as you will normally require evidence to support your request). You can find more information on the different options available to you in our handy guide or get in touch with us for advice specific to your individual circumstances. The Student Services Centre can also provide information and advice.