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  • Fri 09 Dec 2016 16:24

    Michaelmas Term might be over but if you’re studying or carrying out research, don’t fret. You’ll still have access to the LSE Library facilities. Here’s what you need to know

    The Library will be open as usual until Friday 23 December, at midnight

    • Wednesday 28th December - 8am - midnight
    • Thursday 29th December 8am - midnight 
    • Friday 30th December 8am - midnight

    The Library will be closed from midnight Friday 30th December until 8am Tuesday 3rd January 2017. 

    From the 3rd you’ll have access to the Library with a 24 hours a day, so life can get back to normal! 

  • Thu 08 Dec 2016 17:20

    The end is near! Of the term, that is. Not the world. (Though in light of recent global events, this is fairly debatable). Over the holidays, LSESU is hoping to get some all-round awesome people to take over two of our channels: Instagram and Snapchat! We’re hoping to recruit some fresh faces for these channels, and your mission (should you choose to accept it) will simply be to showcase how amazing your life is! Go crazy, really. 


    Here are some reasons why you might want to do it…

    Promote a good cause

    • Are you doing something out of the ordinary over the holidays for the greater good? Cool example: a friend of mine is shaving his head over Christmas (Brave the Shave) to raise funds for cancer survivors. Another friend is packing Christmas hampers for local families in crisis.
    • If you have a cause that you’d like to gain publicity for, or really if you are doing anything exciting in general, using the SU platforms to spread awareness (and raise funds) will be a great way to do this!
    • A picture is worth a thousand words; and using our platforms to help your cause will create some awesome online buzz!

    In your shoes experience

    • Our social media accounts are viewed and followed by prospective students all the world over. If you can remember what it was like before you came to the LSE – choosing which university to attend can be an overwhelming experience! Didn’t you wish then that you could have had just a tiny little peek into the real authentic lives of students? Do your future classmates a favour and show them through us!  
    • If you’ve got LSE-related stuff going on over the holidays, like a sports competition or behind-the-scenes prep for a society event after the holidays, take some snaps or photos and help us help prospective students get an authentic peek into the cool holiday-lives of LSE students! (Not to mention, some shameless promotion for your upcoming society events / your sports team / etc)
    • Even if you don’t have LSE-related stuff going on, things like snapshots of your (beautiful!) notes for the January exams will still be cool for everyone to see! Nothing else could paint a more realistic picture of life at the LSE.
    • If you’re staying in LSE halls over the holidays, even better – this is a cool way to show off your hall spirit (eg hall décor, baking parties, or hall group visits to the Christmas markets) and a great way to tell the world that your hall is the best hall ever!
    • Whatever the case, if you want to show how awesome your life is, feel free to do so – we would love a variety of content, from everyone and everywhere! And if you want the world to know how amazing life at the LSE can be, do get in touch!

    Gain more followers for yourself!

    • It’s an open secret that collaborating for social media takeovers is beneficial to both sides: both sides get exposure to new followers and fresh content.
    • Breathe life into your feed and build your own social media community from our channels! We want you to leverage off of our following.
    • And remember, once your base has grown, with a great number of followers comes great responsibility

    Rock star status

    • Finally, being dubbed the person behind a takeover can often be a coveted honour.
    • There are legit bragging rights belonging to anyone asked to takeover an entire SU’s branded account – how cool do you think it sounds to tell your pals over the holidays that you were trusted to be the face of our channels, even if just for a while?
    • Time to update your Linkedin skills! Just saying.

    More info

    To apply to do an Instagram or Snapchat takeover, get in touch with us via Twitter at @LSESU or on Facebook here 

    Check out the Instagram account at @LSESU and the Snapchat at @LSESU1

  • Thu 08 Dec 2016 15:57

    Exams are nearly upon us, and with them comes the usual collection of anxieties and stresses. So if, like many of us here at LSE, you could do with a few pointers on how to take care during this particularly tense time of year, this is the post for you

    1. Get organised

    First things first, you should think about making yourself a study schedule for the coming weeks. Yes, this sounds like extra work, but putting the effort in now can save you a lot of time later on. If you don’t have time to make your own, there are numerous free templates online that you can simply download and print off.


    2. Don’t skip on sleep

    When you’re under pressure, one of the easiest ways to ‘gain more time’ is to cut back on sleep, but this is a huge mistake. Try to get into a routine now, and avoid anything that might threaten your quality of sleep; don’t drink caffeine for a few hours before you know you have to sleep, turn off screens an hour before bedtime, and turn your phone off/on silent. Develop a pre-sleep routine that helps you to relax, such as taking a warm shower, reading a good book, or listening to your favourite podcast.


    3. Get moving

    A bit of exercise during your day can boost your mood, reduce anxiety, and help you think more clearly, and so study more efficiently. Take a walk around your neighbourhood, go for a jog, or join the LSESU gym for some endorphins hits!


    4. Connect with people 

    Remember, you’re not alone in this. Reaching out to your colleagues, friends, and family can ease your stress and help you to see things in a more positive way. Utilise your support network during this time - it’s okay to ask for support.


    5. Take time out

    Finding time for anything other than study during exam time can feel like a hopeless task, but it’s vitally important to ensure that you make room for self care. Set aside some time each day for 'me time’, and use it to do something you love; take a nap, watch a movie, go for a coffee, take a yoga class, or just spend time messing around on the internet. Don’t forget that self care isn’t selfish; it’s self preservation.


    Take some time each day and incorporate these stress busters into your revision period. Not only will you feel relaxed, you’ll also feel more balanced and in control, and do better work! Plus, remember, exams will soon be over and the stresses of them long gone. Happy holidays!