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  • Fri 24 Feb 2017 11:58

    “We have received notice of a call for referendum on the following the question:
    In line with the LSESU bylaws we have called a democracy committee meeting for Wednesday 1st March at 11.30am in 3rd Floor Meeting Room, Saw Swee Hock Building.

    This is an open invitation for all members of LSESU. If you attend, please ensure you bring your Student ID card to verify your student and membership status.

    This meeting will cover only the following agenda items:

    1. To discuss and take decisions on amendments submitted to motions published for this referendum period 2. To agree final motion titles and questions The only people guaranteed to be able to talk in this meeting are democracy committee members and the proposer of the motion.
    If you wish to oppose the motion, please indicate this by emailing<>.
    The debate on this referendum will take place on Monday 6th March at 6pm in the 1st Floor Café, Saw Swee Hock Building.
    If you have any further questions regarding this process, please email”

    Find out more about the referendum here on the LSESU Facebook page

  • Thu 23 Feb 2017 14:27

    The Lent Term Elections have come around all too quickly. This fun packed timed of democracy is dedicated to giving you, the students. the a voice. To fight for your rights, to promote the things you care about and to make sure that your time at university is as fun and meaningful as it can possibly be. 

    So, to help you keep on top of what to look out for over the next few weeks, we thought we’d give you a little run-down - add it to your diaries now!

    Nominations close: 5pm, Monday 27th February

    That’s in only a few days! If you’ve ever thought there’s something at LSE you’d like to change, whether thats to do with studying, campaigns or events, there is a role for everyone. Check out the full list of positions here and nominate yourself (or a friend!) here

    Campaigning opens: Thursday 2nd March

    This is a week of banners, videos, promises and slogans. The candidates are going to put together all manner of artwork to get their messages out to you, the students. It’s the perfect time to find out all about who could be running your Union. Speaking of which…

    Voting opens: 10am, Wednesday 8th March

    What is LSE without Democracy? The voting period is short but sweet. You’ll be able to show your support for candidates in each position either online or at one of the several voting booths we’ll have dotted around campus.

    Voting/campaigning closes: 7pm, Thursday 9th March

    And that’s it. We’ll be tallying up all your votes and working out just who has won! Meanwhile…

    Results: From 8.00pm in The Venue,

    Results night is basically one big party. Time to celebrate the winners, commiserate with those that didn’t quite make it and generally look forward to another year of campaigns, activity and LSE! 

    Get your nominations in now!!!


  • Wed 22 Feb 2017 15:54

    I didn’t know what “elite university” meant in reality. I wasn’t aware of the backgrounds people here would have, and even if I was I don’t think I would have thought it could affect me.

    But people don’t get that I struggle with the reading each week, not because I don’t understand the content, but because I haven’t been taught how to cope with something that extensive; outside reading wasn’t a thing in my state school and college. I also wish there would be more recognition from staff that not everyone has parents who have a degree, are professionals, or at least who brought their children up with information about “the world” – specifically politics and economics. It’s presumed that you have a grasp of everything that’s gone on since the 2008 recession, and that you know how things like the economy work. I don’t, and I feel overwhelmed daily.