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Students smiling and carrying a 'consent education now' banner at a protest

Campaigns & Policy

We are a campaigning organisation, which means we’re here to empower students to run campaigns and lobby the School. We also run our own campaigns (led by Student Officers) and carry out policy work; all with the aims of improving your student experience.

Read on to find out about our current campaigns and policy projects, as well as how to get involved.

*Policy work in this context refers to making change within the School and wider community. It is different from our Union policies, which are decided through our UGM process.

Feeling inspired?

The LSE Students’ Union Campaigns Hub exists to support student campaigners at LSE. We can help you lead your own campaign or you can attend sessions to build up your skills to help others, as well as be the first to hear about new campaigns on campus.


Current Campaigns

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