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Campaign banner on the side of the Saw Swee Hock building


The LSESU Elections are one of the most important dates in the calendar. This is an opportunity to nominate yourself to represent others or vote for your favourite candidate.

About the elections

Your student reps shape LSESU's work, influence LSE decision making committees and impact your student experience. Running for a rep position is one of the best ways to have your say on how your Students' Union is run and create change at LSE - it's also a valuable source of professional work experience.

We run elections twice a year; during Michaelmas Term in October and during Lent Term in March.

Results for the Lent Term elections have been announced - you can find the results here.

You can find a more detailed breakdown of the results here.

Lent Term Elections 2021

Available Roles

We are electing a range of positions, from paid full-time Sabbatical Officer roles, to voluntary Part-Time Officer positions. We're also electing a range of committee and board positions, too.

If you're a postgraduate student who wants to run for a Sabbatical Officer position but you're worried about whether it will impact your studies, get in touch with us at Postgraduate students are able to hold Sabbatical Officer positions at the SU, and we can be flexible around your studies.

Sabbatical Officers (Salary £29,836, Full Time)

Each button below will take you to the role description of each Sabbatical Officer. If you'd like a bit more information about what it means to be a Sabbatical Officer and what meetings they attend, you can find that here.

General SecretaryEducation OfficerCommunity and Welfare OfficerActivities and Development Officer

Part-Time Officers (Voluntary)

International Students' OfficerNeurodivergent Students' OfficerDisabled Students' Officer Postgraduate Research Students' Officer Environment and Ethics OfficerWomen's OfficerLGBT+ OfficerBME Students' Officer Anti-Racism OfficerSocial Mobility and Class OfficerAU PresidentRAG (Raising and Giving) President

All Other Positions

Member of Trustee BoardMember of Democracy Committee x5 NUS Delegate (Place reserved for a woman) Society Network Chairs Athletics Union Executive x4 Athletics Union Engagement Officer

Important Information

Below you can find the Election rules and some helpful Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) which may help if there's anything you're unsure about. If you have any queries, you can always get in touch at

Rules DocumentFrequently Asked Questions

Here's a document we made to help you plan your campaign:

Planning your election campaign

Key dates

  • 3 March, 10am: Nominations Open
  • 11 March, 5pm: Nominations Close
  • 17 March: Campaigning Begins
  • 17 and 18 March: Candidate Question Time
  • 22-25 March: Voting
  • 25 March: The Results

You can find a more in-depth timeline here

Support from us

  • We'll give you support on how to run a digital campaign
  • We're running workshops on digital campaigning
  • We'll be able to contribute some money towards your budget
  • We'll promote your manifesto to all students
  • We'll host your video on our YouTube and promote it to students

Making a Complaint

In order to make a complaint, it must be submitted to the Returning Officer. If you wish to make a complaint about the conduct of a candidate, please email All complaints must be submitted before 4pm, 25 March

Past Results

2020-21 Results 2019-20 Results 2018-19 Results