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Campaign banner on the side of the Saw Swee Hock building


The LSE Students’ Union Elections are one of the most important dates in the calendar. This is an opportunity to either nominate yourself to be the next student representative or vote for the best candidate.

About the elections

Your Student representatives shape the Students’ Union work, influence LSE decision making committees and impact your student experience for one whole year.

Running for a student rep position is one of the best ways to have your say on how your Students' Union is run, create change at LSE, as well as being a valuable source of professional work experience.

Reasons to run for an Officer role

Make an impact

  • Influence LSE and National Policy
  • Drive change across LSE and the Union
  • Build new opportunities for students across LSE
  • Take a leadership role in the Unions core functions such as Union General Meetings and Committees

Build communities

  • Organise events and activities for the students you represent
  • Work closely with students to understand their needs and interests
  • Campaign, run events, build communities and make an impact to the self-identifying students at LSE

Gain professional experience

  • Have access to and manage large budgets
  • Plan and manage multiple projects
  • Get access to professional training opportunities
  • Attend relevant conferences and trips, to network with other student organisations

About the roles

Sabbatical Officers

Sabbatical officers are paid roles. These roles set the priority of the union, regularly attending meetings with high profile LSE members. They work to ensure student voice is at the heart of all LSE changes and conversations, ensuring your voice is heard!

General Secretary Education Officer Community & Welfare Officer Activities & Development Officer Postgraduate Officer

Part-time Officers

Part-time officer roles are volunteer roles, and an executive member of the Students’ Union. They campaign to improve student experience on campus, plan events and projects targeted towards student groups and building communities.

The part-time officer role is flexible, so you can study or have other commitments whilst in post.

Anti-Racism Officer Athletics Union President Black and Minority Ethnic Officer Disabled Students' Officer Environment and Ethics Officer International Students' Officer LGBT+ Officer Mature and Part-time Officer Postgraduate Research Officer Raising and Giving Officer Social Mobility and Class Officer Women's Officer

Committee & Delegate positions

Sit on relevant committees and boards within LSESU and LSE. Using the opportunity to hear about the direct decisions being made and be a voice for students. Organise union annual union events and feedback on structures and processes.

These roles are flexible therefore you can study or have other commitments whilst in post.

Athletics Union Engagement Officer Athletics Union Executive Democracy Committee Member Societies Network Chair Member of Trustee Board

Important Information

Don’t forget to have a read of our rules and guidelines before you nominate yourself. If you have any queries, you can always get in touch at

Past Results

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