What are the Teaching Awards?

This competition is designed to allow students to recognise those members of staff who have made a difference to their time at LSE and say thank you to staff members who have made a positive impact.

There is also an award for Departmental Excellence and Student Representation (SSLCs / Course Reps) so you can acknowledge others throughout the School who have helped to improve your experience here at LSE.

Nominations are accepted in the following categories:

Click the links to see the criteria for each award!

Key Dates for 2020

Nominations Open: Friday 13th March

Nominations Close: Thursday 16th April at 12PM (NOON)

Shortlisting Process: w/c Monday 20th April

Winners Announced: Live on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and Instagram on Thursday 14th May, from 6pm. Find the results here


If you have any questions about the awards or the process please contact the Students' Union at su.info@lse.ac.uk.

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Who can I nominate? Provided the person you nominate is an employed staff member at the LSE (or an SSLC Rep for the Student Representation Award), you can nominate them! In the past lecturers, PhD Supervisors, Halls Wardens and Graduate Teaching Assistants have all won. If you think they are great then nominate them!

Can I nominate someone in more than one category? Absolutely – As long as they meet the criteria of the category specified, you can nominate them in as many as you like.

Can I nominate multiple people? You can submit as many nominations as you like; however you will have to do this by completing a new submission form for each new nominee.

I’m worried my department is too small for my nominees to win- is this a prohibitive factor? Not at all! More nominations do make a stronger case, however some of our previous winners have won after just one very strong nomination.

We have devised a selection method that primarily focuses on the quality of nominations and how well the nominee hits the award criteria, so a very good nomination submitted by a student can definitely do the trick.

How are the award winners decided? The final decision on who receives the awards is taken by a panel of SSLC reps from across the School. This process is facilitated by your Education Officer, Martha Ojo.

How many awards are given out in each category? Each category has 1 award winner.

What if my nominees don’t win? Although it’s fantastic to win an award, not everyone can. We are fully committed to providing all nominees with your anonymous comments and recognition. Just one nomination from you can make someone’s teaching year worthwhile.