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Teaching Awards Criteria

Nominees do not have to hit all the criteria. Try to use examples to describe how your nominee fits each criteria.

LSESU Award for Personal AND PROFESSIONAL Development

  • You may nominate your academic mentor, or any other member of staff in the School
  • Helps you to utilise skills you learn in your degree to reach your full potential 
  • Adds value to your prospects by extending and developing your skillset 
  • Encourages you to excel professionally 
  • Shares networks and academic opportunities with you where appropriate 
  • Recognises you as an individual and offers tailored support 

LSESU Award for Welfare and Pastoral Support

  • You may nominate your academic mentor, or any other member of staff in the School
  • Cares about your personal wellbeing and shows compassion 
  • Understands the pressures that LSE students face at University 
  • Is knowledgeable about the support services and welfare provisions that they can signpost you to 
  • Offers individualised and appropriate support 
  • Provides a consistent point of contact for you throughout your time at LSE 

LSESU Award for Inspirational Teaching

  • Challenges existing theories and offers new perspectives
  • Drives you to further your knowledge and understanding of the subject area
  • Encourages you to apply the principles of the subject area within the wider world
  • Facilitates engaging dialogue and creates space for active and genuine evidence-based exchange of views
  • Transforms the ways students see their field of study

LSESU Award for Innovative Teaching

  • Is willing to go beyond the traditional model and methods of teaching delivery to ensure the subject matter is understood
  • Brings cutting edge research to their teaching
  • Integrates opportunities for students to engage with and/or carry out research as part of the curriculum
  • Provides different and exciting perspectives on the curriculum or subject
  • Effectively incorporates technology and multi-media resources into their teaching practices
  • Includes innovative assessment options in their course(s)

LSESU Award for Excellent Feedback and Communication

  • Provides constructive and relevant feedback in a timely manner 
  • Provides comments to help you build on previous success and to make future improvements 
  • Is approachable and responsive to students 
  • Uses innovative methods in communicating and delivering feedback 
  • Encourages your continuing academic development 


  • Actively encourages contributions and dialogue with all students on the course both inside and outside the classroom
  • Recognises and welcomes the multiple identities of students and creates space in the curriculum for diverse voices
  • Establishes a collaborative, supportive and inclusive learning community
  • Created a motivating, stimulating and principled environment for learning that involves all of their students
  • Effectively implements inclusion plans 
  • Ensures their lessons are accessible for everyone

LSESU Award for Professional Services Staff

  • Is brilliantly organised and offers great administrative support
  • Continuously works to develop and enhance the student experience
  • Thinks about building community within their department and provides social opportunities for students
  • Listens and acts upon student feedback, for example the feedback given by Academic Representatives at SSLC
  • Engages with students to offer advice and support

LSESU Award for PhD Supervision

  • Considers you to be their intellectual equal 
  • Is personally invested in the success and outcomes of your research 
  • Acknowledges the value that you bring to the LSE academic community 
  • Equips you with the skills and knowledge you need to successfully carry out your research 
  • Provides regular, constructive and focused feedback enabling you to develop your PhD project 
  • Shares contacts, networks and academic opportunities with you where appropriate 
  • Encourages you to explore new and different ideas to their own 


  • Makes you feel like an active, valued member of an academic community, in which students and staff can contribute equally (although not necessarily in the same way).
  • Recognises and values your contributions to academic discussion; giving you opportunities to conduct research or share your knowledge with peers
  • Takes a collaborative approach to teaching (or extra-curricular activities) by asking about your experiences, learning from your insights, and making changes in response to your suggestions
  • Invites and empowers you to co-create new projects or positive changes to students’ experiences (in the classroom or wider department) 

LSESU Award for Departmental Excellence

  • Is brilliantly organised and has great administrative support
  • Engages and interacts effectively, fostering a great departmental community
  • Provides opportunities for students to network and socialise with others in the department outside of the classroom
  • Listens and acts upon student feedback, for example the feedback given by Academic Representatives at SSLC
  • Has excellent welfare and pastoral support services
  • Puts diversity and inclusion at the heart of everything they do

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