LSE Students’ Union is a democratic organisation which means Elections is one of the most important dates in the LSESU calendar.

Elections happen twice a year; Michaelmas Term Elections happen in October and Lent Term Elections take place in February.

Running for a student rep position is one of the best ways to have your say on how your Students' Union is run, are a great to create change at LSE as well as being a valuable experience. Students are elected to lead LSESU and to represent members on different boards and committees in the School.

Find who your Michaelmas Term Elections 2018 Winners Are!

No elections are currently running

You should nominate yourself to become an elected officer or a student rep if…

  • You want to influence LSE and National Policy
  • You want to organise events and activities for the students you represent  
  • You want to have access to a budget, in order to make change happen at LSE
  • You want to have access to training opportunities and funds
  • You want to attend relevant conferences and trips, to network with other student organisations 
  • You want to gain professional experience working with LSE and LSESU staff 
  • You want to work closely with students to understand their needs and interests 
  • You want the opportunity to take a leadership role the unions core functions such as Union General Meetings and Committees

There are many different roles available and each role requires a different levels of involvement and commitment, check out the individual roles below.


Full-Time Sabbatical Officer Roles

Each Year the Students Union offers 5 students the opportunity to become a Full –Time sabbatical Officer. The role of a Sabbatical Officer is generally held for a year, your roles is to set the priorities for LSESU and decide what we focus on over the coming year to improve LSE students experience whilst at LSE. These roles are full time and would entail you to take a year away from student or can be done after you graduate in your final year, (apart from the Postgraduate students’ officer which can be held whilst studying.)


Part Time Officer Roles

At LSESU there are 12 unpaid Part Time Officer Positions which can be fulfilled whilst studying or having other commitments. Part time officer roles range in description, from, Liberation roles which are to campaign on creating equality and  highlighting representation in the LSE community. Student group representation roles, which represent the interest of student groups at LSE committees and boards.


Committee positions

Aside from part time officer positions the students’ union also has elects students to sit on relevant committees and boards in LSE. This is a chance for students to hear about the direct decisions LSE is making and be a voice for students. Alongside this there is also an opportunity to gain valuable experience on LSESU committees and boards such as the Athletics union and SU trustee board and being a representative at the NUS conferences.

Elected in Michaelmas Term

Elected in Lent Term