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Students attending a Union General Meeting in a lecture theatre

Union General Meetings

The Union General Meeting (UGM) is a monthly meeting open to all students, where you can find out what your elected Student Representatives have been up to and debate policy that shapes LSESU's campaigns.

About UGMs

UGMs are one of the main ways in which you can democratically engage and create change within your Students' Union and LSE.  At UGMs you can also hear from some fantastic guest speakers. In the past, we've invited LSE’s Director, NUS Officers, MPs and other decision-makers to speak and to take your questions.

The UGM is held once a month. All LSE students are encouraged to attend.

Current Motions

Voting on the below motion has now closed, and results will be announced shortly.

UGM - January 2021

Should LSESU introduce a part-time Neurodiversity Officer?

Proposer: Sam Crutcher

Seconder: Victoria Anns

How to submit a motion

If you want to change something in the Union, submitting a motion is one of the best ways to make change. If your motion passes:

  • It will become LSESU’s policy on this topic for the next three years.
  • It will inform the Union’s stance on a global issue
  • Your elected Student Representatives will lobby the School on a particular issue

Submitting a motion is simple. Visit our UGM Guide page to create the change you want to see and then send your completed motion via email to, or via the form below.

There are some things that cannot be changed via a UGM motion, such as anything that commits the Union to spending money. If this is the case, the Democracy Committee will get in touch to discuss the next steps for you.

Get support with your motion

If you’re not sure exactly what to put in your motion, fill in our online form and someone from the Democracy Committee will get back to you.


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