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Reporting Racism at LSE

LSESU is firmly committed to dismantling the structural racism that exists in Higher Education. From micro aggressions, to explicit acts of racism LSESU wants to ensure you that we are working closely with LSE to ensure that all instances of racism are eff

Below is a guide written by your Anti-Racism Officer on how to navigate and report any forms of racism at LSE. Additionally, all the relevant information can also be found on the LSE website.

Step 1: LSE advises you to talk to a safe contact who can offer you support and advice if you want to report any racial harassment you face. The safe contact scheme allows students to receive confidential support and advice from staff who have gone through training (not only for racial harassment but also bullying and sexual harassment). There are 39 safe contacts across 25 departments/divisions. You can find that list here.

Step 2: If you’re feeling up to it and want to make a report about the harassment you've received, you can fill in the LSE Report It! Stop It! Form to make a formal complaint. Although not explicitly stating that this is the way to report racism - racism would fall under “sexual harassment, bullying and/or harassment”. Here you can anonymously report the incident however if you want LSE to follow up and you can include your contact details. 

Step 3: What happens next? The report you submit will be sent to the Student Services Advice Team who will review your report and take the necessary action e.g. disciplinary action if they think it's required. You will receive a response within 3 working days. You will be contacted to discuss what action that you stated you want to be taken.

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