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Students attending a Student Members' Meeting in a lecture theatre

Annual Student Members' Meeting


Our ASMM (Annual Student Members' Meeting) is a chance for you to hold your Students’ Union to account and is taking place online and via Zoom on the 9th May at 5.30pm.

Location: MAR 2.04

Zoom link: To follow

During the ASMM you can hear all about what we did this last year to improve your experience at LSE, as well as the areas where we need to be better. You will hear about our financial position and have the opportunity to influence how we spend our money going forwards. Our trustees will also be ready to answer your questions and hear your feedback.

Why is the Annual STUDENT MEMBERS' Meeting (ASMM) important to me?

No matter your year of study, department or your stance on the SU, the ASMM is beneficial for all students to attend:

  • Maybe you have no idea or awareness of the Students' Union.
    This is the best way to find out who we are and what we do first hand from the leaders of the organisation.
  • Maybe you're involved or part of the Students' Union in some way.
    Whether that be part of our clubs and societies or as a PTO or campaigner - the ASMM is the time to acknowledge what we have achieved and to help determine the course of the SU's growth.
  • Maybe you have some concerns about us?
    This is a great opportunity to question and challenge your SU and it's governance.
  • The best reason to attend?
    You get first hand experience of how an organisation is run, what challenges there are and what works. Who knows, one day you could be running your own Annual Student Members' Meeting!


  1. Welcome
  2. Quorum Check
  3. What is an ASMM?
  4. Ratification of the previous ASMM
  5. Special resolution
  6. Receive Trustees Report & Strategic Priorities Update
  7. Receive 2021/22 Accounts
  8. Appointments of the Auditors
  9. Review and approve list of affiliations
  10. How should we spend our money?
  11. Open questions to the Trustees by the members

If you have any questions about the ASMM, please drop us a message