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Society Student Wins: Percy Fagent, Lucrezia Prortigliatti, Maurice Hirt and more...



LSESU is a sector leading organisation for having such incredibly driven and intuitive Societies. There are few limits to the different ventures they do, including running conferences across London, taking international trips and raising thousands for charity. It doesn’t stop there though, if you’re currently browsing through the 200+ Societies and you can’t find something you like, please don’t hesitate from starting your own, we’re always welcoming more! 

We wanted to talk about some of our inspiring students in Societies and celebrate some of the achievements from last year, to give you an insight into what makes our student groups so great...

Maurice Hirt

LSESU German Society

“The LSE Students’ Union and its many societies offer a great way for students to get involved beyond the classroom. As President of the German Society, I have not only had the opportunity to meet like minded students in the society and develop my skill set but also be part of the discussion on European politics, economics, business and law. For 20 years, the German Society has hosted its flagship event, the LSE German Symposium, which is one of the largest events on campus and has attracted speakers like German Chancellor Angela Merkel or European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen. In the upcoming academic year, we are very privileged to welcome some of Europe’s most influential politicians and business leaders including several cabinet ministers and CEOs. As a society member or part of the organising committee, you can shape the Symposium and directly engage in debates with people who are at the forefront of their respective fields. No matter if you are an incoming fresher, postgraduate candidate or continuing student, the German and other SU societies allow you to further your interest in topics you are truly passionate about and build a community at LSE.”

Josie Stephens

LSESU Drama Society

2019/2020 was a blinder of a year for LSE Drama Society - with four full-scale productions, double the average audience size, 100s of auditionees, three theatre trips to the West-End, as well as dozens of pub trips, zoom quizzes and post-show parties. My role as VP was fast-pace and flexible, as I jumped from the marketing of a show, to organising the Musical Revue, while the next day, I could be liaising with the Creative Network and rehearsing for a play myself. There wasn’t a day without something drama soc. related, but it was always rewarding, sociable and a laugh a minute. As a committee, we were overjoyed to win the awards of Event and Society of the Year - truly the cherry on top of the cake. Drama society is one of the greatest communities at LSE, and I am honoured to be able to continue to play a part in its progression as president for the incoming year.”

Percy Fagent

LSESU Creative Network 

'If I've learned anything in my time at LSE, it's quite how much creative excellence exists here under the surface. It breaks my heart how many students are unaware of this, and how often LSE is regarded as a place where creativity cannot thrive. To be a part of the Committee helping change this narrative by celebrating LSE's creative side makes me immensely proud!”

Christian Schiøler Hansen

LSESU Chess Society

I joined Chess Society in my first year, and I immediately realised that it was a very special community of passionate and friendly people unlike any other society I had encountered before. I wanted to get more involved, so I ran for President. Being on a committee was new to me, but I think you learn on the job, and there are always seniors or SU staff whose advice you can benefit from. Being a committee member of a society challenges you to develop yourself personally - I have certainly gained many soft skills by tackling a variety of new situations. For me, though, what motivates me to push myself to do more for the society is the amazing community of people we have. This really makes all the difference in making university life fulfilling and memorable.

Find out more about our societies by heading over to our societies page. They are open to all students and you can get involved with them all-year-round through buying memberships from their respective pages.

Lucrezia Prortigliatti

LSESU Energy Society

“Over the course of the past year I have tried to stir the Energy Society in a new direction, not only by giving it a makeover but also by organising a range of diverse and engaging events exploring the numerous challenges and future possibilities the sector will have to face. With the help of a committed and hard-working committee I feel like we have managed to create a network with many of our peers and spread awareness about the role the energy sector will play in the future success of our societies. I look forward to continuing working as President of the society this year and hope more of you will join us.”