About the Campaign

Read about the inspiration behind this national movement to compensate students for unjust fees.

Our journey as a campaign started with the impact of Covid-19 on students attending UK universities. Our universities have become unable to provide the experience that students are paying for. This campaign exists to address the injustice and ensure students are compensated.

In isolation, calls for fee compensation could bankrupt many universities. We believe that compensation should come from the Government. The Government’s failed handling of the Covid-19 pandemic has meant that despite their best efforts, universities have been unable to deliver students the value they are paying for.

Our campaign is seeking to build a coalition between students, universities and unions to make sure that the Government takes responsibility for compensating students and supporting our sector.

We are Students United Against Fees. And we demand that the Government steps up to support us.

These are our campaign principles:

  • This campaign is for all students, at all stages of study, currently enrolled at a UK university.
  • This campaign is open to be supported by all within the Higher Education sector, SUs, universities, UUK, University Alliance, Million+ Group, the Russell Group etc.
  • This campaign is committed to fairness, for students, for universities and for the HE sector.
  • Core decisions as a campaign will be made through direct democracy.
  • Fee compensation must not undermine the financial solvency of universities or lead to redundancies.
  • We recognise the difficulty of the pandemic for the sector, and acknowledge, sincerely, the immense effort in delivering what universities have been able to.
  • The pandemic has affected students differently. While we are fighting for compensation for all, we recognise and centre those in the poorest financial positions.
  • While the quality of educational experience has become poorer for us all, this is not to say that the rigour of every degree is undermined. The 20/21 academic year has made achieving the same learning outcomes harder, and the overall experience of HE worse.
  • Students who take reasonable action as a part of the campaign (e.g. strike or protest) must be protected.
  • The Government must take responsibility for its failures by compensating students and supporting the sector.
  • Our experiences of the pandemic and the call for fee compensation must force the reevaluation of the marketisation of HE and the Government’s silence on the Augar Review.

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