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Data Science


LSESU Data Science Society (LSESUDS) is an initiative to bring and teach data science to LSE and for everyone. We welcome both LSE undergraduates and postgraduates who are interested in data science, data mining, statistical modelling, big data analytics, machine learning, and the art of data visualization to turn it into a valuable asset for your academic researches and data careers. Our objectives are:


               - Gather LSE students and empower them to be ready for data careers through hands-on practical                        workshops, public events, and distinguished guests.
               - Increase awareness of data science and big data analytics in the rapidly-changing world.
               - Provide an enjoyable and interactive platform for real-life application of data analysis.
We do not require any prior programming experience. We love curiosity! And since data science is a multidisciplinary field, the society will underline why data science matters and introduce big data analytics from scratch. Topics include Introduction to Data Science & Big Data Analytics, Internet of Things (IoT), Internet of Everything, Financial Technology (FinTech), Data Science Use Cases in Banking & Finance, Insurance, Health, Politics & Government, Economics, Data Visualization and Business Intelligence, and Big Data Technologies: Hadoop, Sparks Analytics. Statistical software used in the workshop includes R, Python, STATA, SAS, SPSS, SQL, RapidMiner, and Tableau etc.

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