Student Action for Refugees

Student Action for Refugees

Student Action for Refugees: Introduction

STAR society for students concerned with the situation of refugees and asylum seekers in Britain and worldwide. One of our main activities is to volunteer with various organisations such as Notre Dame Center for Refugees, Migrant Resource Centre and Salusbury World, involving support in English learning, job searches and so on. We also run an annual Refugee Week series of events involving panels, workshops, arts events and fundraising, as well as a twice-weekly training programme in conjunction with the French NGO Wintegreat aimed at recognising and developing the potential of refugees to participate in professional jobs and higher education. 

Lastly, as part of a national network (, we draw on resources from the National Office to participate in nationwide campaigns on issues such as immigration detention, destitution, and equal access to higher education. We have also raised funds and collect donations in response to emergencies such as the exacerbated conflict in Myanmar in late 2017 and the demand for warm clothing in Calais over winter. 

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