Anime and Manga

Anime and Manga

Anime and Manga: Introduction

Tired of your studies? Bored of getting hit by the great Fist of Knowledge everytime you walk into a lecture room? Wishing university was more like a KyoAni (Kyoto Animation) series?

Then come join us, and wind down at our screenings and events throughout the year! We have screenings twice a week, inter-uni events, conventions and everything else in between. :D Even if you have never watched anime before, we will do the perfect job at introducing you to it!



1) Free weekly snacks & drinks (of the non-alcoholic variety - yes, we do not have money!);

2) Weekly screenings and social gatherings;

3) Anime trivia and bad puns;

4) A wide range of social events (including trips to Namco Arcade, MCM ComicCon and much more!).



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