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A Message regarding Graduations

Hello from your sabbatical officers!

We are delighted to let you know about plans for graduation for this year’s finalists. You will have just received a message about Graduation for the Class of 2021, if you haven’t had the chance to read it yet; it’s great news, in-person graduation for the 2021 graduates is back on.

In February, the School wrote to you all with the decision that graduation this year was to be cancelled due to Covid-19. Since then, as your sabbatical officers, we have taken up the issue and have been working tirelessly demanding the School to rethink this decision. After weeks of discussion, we could not be happier to let you know that the School have reversed their decision on graduation, recognising the fundamental importance of graduation to celebrate your LSE journey.

With your support, and our challenge to LSE, the School has committed to:

  • In-person graduation this summer for all finalists. Complete with Cap and Gown, photos, friends and family.
  • An in-person graduation celebration as in a normal year, for all students who want one, once graduation celebrations can return as usual.

LSE are also continuing plans for Gradfest to make sure finalists can join the celebration this summer, wherever they are in the world.

While all of the above remains subject to the wider situation, we’re absolutely delighted that you will get to celebrate the massive achievement of completing your degree during this most difficult academic year.

Together for students,

David Gordon, General Secretary
Laura Goddard, Community & Welfare Officer
Morgan Fairless, Postgraduate Students' Officer
Bali Birch-Lee, Education Officer
Ellie Duplock, Activites & Development Officer