Off-Campus Society

Off-Campus Society


The Off Campus Society is a crucial social society at the LSE. We cater for all of those who do not live in halls; if you live at home, independently on in intercollegiate halls.

Our main aim is to create a society where the atmosphere is just as fun and welcoming as those communities found in halls.

We understand the dreariness of the commute in and the pickle of making sure you have someone to go home with after a night at Saucy! So, one of the many things we hope to do is build a hub of students who can travel to and from home together.

Ultimately, it is a great way to meet new people. Already we have had events including pub get-togethers, cinema trips, theatre trips and bowling, and we're looking forward to hosting more great events this year.

Join us now to be a part of an ever-growing society that will only continue to get bigger and better! 

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