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LSESU British People of Colour is a society celebrating the dual identities of British minorities. This society is unique in the sense that its aim is to bring together students from all different backgrounds and promote solidarity between us all whilst celebrating our common British values. BPOC's main goal is to provide a community for those who feel like they don't really belong in a 'national' society (and for those who don't have a national society at the LSE) and to take pride in our hybrid identities and values. Most of all, BPOC is here to promote the banter that is seriously lacking at LSE. For real though, we need help in the humour department.
BPOC hopes to provide a safe space to be yourself, let out your inner roadman and speak slang to your heart's content through organising social events like Come Have a Cuppa, hip hop karaoke nights, comedy nights, bowling, Cheeky Nandos, etc on a regs. We also hope to empower our members through enlightening events discussing our social identities like Q&A panels discussing issues like racism, Islamophobia and anti-Semitism, as well as some good old fashioned LSE campaigning. And for all you people that don't have your internship offer from Goldman Sachs yet, we hope to hold career events especially for BME students to help us understand our choices for the future. Basically, we're here for you bro.

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