Welcome to the LSESU Fashion Society! Whether you’re already a ’fashionista’, keen to learn more or interested in purely the business side of the Fashion industry, this society has something for you.

Popular past events have included a trip to the London Fashion Week exhibition at Somerset House and a film screening of ‘The September Issue’. We also ran careers events with former Cosmopolitan Editor, Julia Fletcher, and style blogger Susie Bubble and The Londoner (Rosie). The highlight of our year is our annual charity fashion show in the Lent Term, featuring collections from London-based designers.

This year we hope the society will be even bigger and better than ever, with trips to thrift stores in East London, regular gallery trips and social opportunities in some of London's hidden gems, along with careers events to move beyond the world of banking and business.

Whether you're planning a future in the industry, can't get enough of a certain collection or like the idea of helping stage a fashion show, then come get involved! We look forward to seeing you all throughout the year!


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