Agape Student Life

Agape Student Life


We are a community of people each on the journey of connecting with God through the person of Jesus. We want to give everyone the opportunity to do the same. Join the adventure!

Student Life is a society made up of people who believe in Jesus, and those who want to know more. Our discussion groups happen throughout the week for those wanting to investigate God, the meaning of life, and who Jesus is.  We also run Bible studies and training for Christians who want to grow in their faith and learn to communicate their faith. Once a week, we all meet together to get to know each other better over a home-cooked meal and some games.


Here's what we try and do:

Connect People to God
Our experience is that we can connect with God right here and now, today. We want to give others the opportunity to do the same. It’s an adventure, a revolution, started by a man called Jesus.

Connect People to People
We also care about quality friendships and having fun together. We run lots of events and socials throughout the year.

Change the World
Life is for living. We want to be people who challenge our moment in history with radical acts of love and generosity.

We have separate small groups meeting weekly in LSE and also weekly socials to get to know each other and to bring friends and new students to. Come join us!

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