Champagne: Introduction

Membership costs just £15 and gives you access to our fortnightly tastings, legendary balls and special events.

The Champagne Society of LSESU aims to:
1. Fully introduce students to tastings of sparkling wines. 
2. Educate students about the differences between sparkling wines. 
3. Provide means for students to sample sparkling wines as cheaply as possible.

Our elected committee members are:
Annie Cole, President
Sophia Barchenkova, Secretary
Joshua Lloyd Lyons, Treasurer
Alex Kaars-Sijpesteijn, Head of Tastings
Tommy Lunn, Outreach Officer
Tristan Abrahams, Head of Corporate Relations
Harriet Barr, Head of Special Events
Oli Strong, Head of After parties

We are bounded by the Activities Bye-Laws of LSE Students' Union.

No elections are currently running

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