The LSE SU Music Society is one of the most active societies at the LSE, and was crowned 'LSE SU Best Society' and 'Double Gold-Star Award' in 2013, 2014 and 2015. In addition to the fantastic Orchestra and Choir, with our breadth of student talent, we arrange jazz nights, chamber music concerts, open mics and band nights. Whether you are interested in performing, listening or anything else musical, you're in the right place!


In addition to our long standing traditional events, we have some new events, trips and groups for the coming 2016/17 academic year which include: 


  • - Informal Lunch Time Recitals
  • - Jazz Band & Jazz Music Concert
  • - Trips to the Royal College of Music and National Theatre
  • - Oxford Choir Trip
  • - Jazz Improv., Masterclasses & Workshops
  • - South-East Asian Music Group & Concert
  • - LSE SUperstar - Singing Competition
  • - String Quartet and Concert Band
  • - Chamber Music Concerts
  • - Music Society Boat Party!


As a member you get:


1. Information on joining the LSE Orchestra and LSE Choir.


2. Opportunity to get involved with all our other groups.


3. Use of our networking system to meet other LSE musicians of all kinds of style and standard.


4. Use of the Music Practice Room (MPR) reserved only for Society members.


5. Use of equipment including pianos, keyboards, stands, amps, mics, drums, recording equipment.


6. Performance platforms in the form of classical concerts, open mics, jazz nights and competitions.


7. A dedicated team of music enthusiasts keen to direct music activities and share their experience and knowledge with all.


8. To be part of a diverse, vibrant and loving family.


9. Free food and drinks at Society social events.


Information about gaining access to the Music Practice Room (MPR):

1. The Music Practice Room is a located on the 6th Floor of the Old Building, through the Shaw Library. As access is granted via your LSE ID card, once you purchase your membership you may have to wait at least a week before you can gain access to the MPR because your ID card details need to be set up on both the LSE Room Bookings and the LSE Security systems.


2. Early each week (usually Tuesday) the LSESU Activities Team will send LSE Security details of any new members who have joined the LSESU Music Society from the previous 7 days. LSE Security will set up each person to have access to the MPR with their LSE card; as a result only LSE Students and Staff members can gain entry into the MPR.


3. LSE Security will inform the LSE Room Bookings office when this done. If you wish to book the MPR, first email your request to and state that you would like to gain booking rights to the MPR.


4. The Room Bookings team will then grant you access to the MPR via this room bookings website: 


5. Login, in the bookings tab click 'Music Practice Room', click the Music Practice Room-Shaw Library section and check the available time slots. Please input 'Music Practice Room-(Your Name)' as the title and select the relevant timeslot required. 


6. It helps to check out the Dailylist to see what functions are on if you see a large section of the day being marked as 'unavailable'. If there is a function in the Shaw Library, the MPR will be unavailable during that time. Access the dailylist here:


Music Society can be whatever its members desire. So whether you are interested in performing, listening or anything else musical, the Music Society is your gateway to the music scene at the LSE.


Visit our Facebook and Twitter or email us anytime.


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