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The Saw Swee Hock building, home of LSESU

Referendum Motion

20th Feb 2020

Should the LSE improve their mental health provisions to better the collective wellbeing of our community?

Proposed by: Ella Roper-Marshall

Seconded by: Will Banks

What's the issue?

Lack of and inadequacy of mental health support at the LSE and a university culture that causes the deterioration of staff and student wellbeing.


What's the solution?

Derived from conversations and suggestions made at Freedom of Mind LSE in October 2019, LSE students have voted for the following priorities to improve mental wellbeing at the university:

  1. LSE should ensure that counselling waiting times are no longer than 2 weeks and 6-8 sessions are offered to all who need it by 2021/22. Up-to-date information about wait times and uptake rates should be published and provided to the Student Union.
  2. LSE should develop one clear webpage for students to access information and relevant contact details for all safeguarding and wellbeing services; including mental health, sexual assault, and disability support. This reinforces the demand made by the passed Motion to Improve LSE’s Sexual Assault Support.
  3. LSE should split the role of academic and pastoral mentor in two, inspired by recent changes at the University of Bristol. Pastoral mentors should be adequately trained and informed on the university and local wellbeing resources available to students.
  4. Academic departments should ensure that all class members are introduced to each other and every course group has at least two socials per year.
  5. LSE should encourage departments to expand their study abroad options and should invite local community projects to campus and halls to to facilitate personal development.

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