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Disabled Students

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People on the spectrum of disability may experience varied challenges during their time at the university. If you have a disability and feel as though you require support, here are some options you could consider:


Support at the LSE

The Disability and Wellbeing Service offers confidential advice and support to all disabled students. This includes support for students with physical impairments, long-term health conditions, mental health conditions, specific learning difficulties, and autistic spectrum conditions. Additionally, you can learn more about diagnostic assessmentindividual exam adjustments and inclusion plans by clicking the links. You can also access dedicated career support for disabled students. You can also find an Accessibility Guide to campus here

Support at the LSESU 

The Disabled Students’ Officer is an elected student who promotes disability awareness on campus and represents students with disabilities, including putting on events, running campaigns and working closely with the Disability and WellBeing office. The Neurodivergent Students’ Officer addresses all issues surrounding the experiences of LSE students who are neurodivergent. 

External Support

  • Ability Net helps disabled students access and use technology, and offers free resources, advice and support.  

  • The University Mental Health Advisers Network (UMHAN) provides resources and support on metal health and wellbeing.  

  • Student Minds is the UK’s student mental health charity, helping students to cope with the challenges university life can bring. 

  • Disabled Students’ Allowance may contribute towards the study-related costs you have because of a mental health condition, long term illness or any other disability if you are a UK student. 

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