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LSESU Welcome Week Freshers Fair 2023


The new LSE Maths Society provides a stimulating, challenging, and social experience for those studying maths and those fascinated by it.

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About us

LSESU Mathematics society works on the principal of making the subject appealing and interesting for everyone, no matter what major they study. From economics and finance to philosophy and art, mathematics is applied everywhere.

As a society, we aim to introduce students to different applications of mathematics in different fields of study and familiarise them with the basics and yet complex mathematical tools.

We also aim to create a conducive learning environment where freshers can interact with seniors and get an insights about applications of mathematics and statistics in their career.

From activities ranging from quizzes to competitions, we will ensure that everybody has a great time at the society events!


We charge a standard rate for the membership, with members getting access to all the events we host throughout the year- including quizzes, competitions to talks from our guest speakers, advice session from seniors.

You would get an opportunity to meet people from various degrees who are eager to learn the subject and at the same time have an amazing time!

Events and Activities

Over the course of the year we have planned various events- we plan to host various levels of mathematical competitions, monthly sessions with senior students from the mathematics department to help you with your work and give you guidance, quiz sessions to have lots of fun and arrange for various guest speakers!

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You can contact us on: